Wednesday, June 2, 2010

one of many

I have a lot of pet peeves. Like a lot (hmmm...perhaps an idea for a Top 10 for my blogoversary post -- which, by the way, I'm still accepting ideas for). And this post is about just one of them.

I have a wonderful calendar that comes with hundreds of fun stickers to help keep track of events, appointments and activities. Doctor's appointments, swimming lessons, no school days just to name a few.

One particular sticker just irritates me though. It's the orange one shown below that says "Trip." Can anybody take a guess what my problem with it is?

The car is facing the wrong way!!

When I put this sticker on my calendar, the vehicle should be facing the right, to indicate that the trip is starting on one day and continuing on into the next. Not going backwards!!

Grrr.....I just can't let it go!!


Margo said...

I find that a little amusing ;) ~ but I know, when something bugs me it just plain bugs me! A few of my pet peeves are gum chewing (I should never have to hear somebody chew!), nose picking (nobody should EVER see another person's finger in their nose!! Little people are excused, of course), and bad posture. Maybe you should write to whoever published/printed your calendar.

LaughingLady said...

Too funny ~ that's the FIRST thing I noticed before I even started reading the post!!!! I TOTALLY understand!

Jamie said...

That would bug me too! A LOT!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Ha ha!

Ahem, sorry, I would never laugh at something that gives you such angst.

And here I thought your next blog post would be the Crest strips!

Sheila said...

I had to giggle at that just a little! But I can understnad what you mean!

Kathy and Carl said...

It's like just a little observation publishers! C'mon!!

I get urked by little things too. Well, huge in my mind, but little in the whole grand scheme of things. Black pants and white sport socks. Capris with socks, and toothpaste in the sink!

Jody said...

That would totally be a pet peeve on mine too!!

Louise said...

Tooo funny!!