Monday, June 28, 2010

suck it up, buttercup!

And I am the buttercup in this instance.

The issue that is causing me to be so bent out of shape is Malia's Kindergarten placement for the fall. For those of you not from my town, this is the low-down. There are going to be 3 Kindergarten classes, each consisting of 25 students:

One class will go Mondays, Wednesdays and alternating Thursdays with Mrs. R
One class will go Tuesdays, Fridays and alternating Thursdays with Mrs. R
One class will go Tuesdays, Fridays and alternating Thursdays with Mrs. D

I really, really, really wanted to get the Tuesday/Friday time slot with Mrs. D. That was Joelle's kindergarten teacher and I just loved her. Besides, I plan on going to work for 2 days a week when Malia's in school -- and I was really hoping to not have to go in on Mondays.

Well...we got the kindergarten info in the mail on Friday -- and my heart sank when I discovered that Malia will go Mondays/Wednesdays with Mrs. R.

Now, nothing against Mrs. R -- she has been teaching Kindergarten at this school for the past 25 years and I'm sure she's excellent! But Malia had already sort of developed a rapport with Mrs. D through her big sister and she has fallen in love with her (actually, it's a two-way sentiment from what I gather).

So I wasn't the only one disappointed when I opened the mail last week. But I tried to hide my reaction and acted all excited about who her teacher was going to be. So far she's not convinced!

Thankfully one of Malia's friends from the street will also be in that class -- but I was hoping another particular one of her good friends from pre-school would be also. But she's not. sister is moving to town over the summer, and her oldest daughter is also starting kindergarten. So of course we were hoping they would be together -- or at least on the same day!

But they're not.

I was just starting to get used to the idea of Malia being in the spot she's in. Until I found out about my niece...then it all hit me again. Now not only is Malia not going to be in the same class as her cousin -- but since they go on opposite days, they will never even get to have playdates throughout the week. Except for after school, I suppose (which won't happen for the first while I'm sure, since they -- especially Malia -- will be exhausted at the end of the school day and will need to just rest and take it easy until she gets more adjusted to the schedule).

I did try phoning the school to see if there's any way they make changes at this stage -- but I was met with a firm no. Apparantly special requests are taken into consideration when making the class lists, but since I had no legitimate reason (other than personal preference), I figured I wouldn't add to the mix. And now it's too late. You can bet your bottom dollar I'm kicking myself for that now!!

The only way that I will get my wish now is if a brand new child registers for Kindergarten by June 30th (yup -- in 2 days from now). If that were to happen, the principal will put that new child in Malia's spot with Mrs. R and move Malia to Tuesday/Friday with Mrs. D. While I appreciate that sentiment, I'm not holding my breath.

So now I need to just suck it up. We don't always get what we want. Life's not fair. I'm always trying to teach that to my kids -- so why isn't it as easy to tell that to myself?

I know what all of your comments will say. She'll have a great year. She'll love her teacher. She'll make lots of new friends. And I know that. But for now I just want to feel sorry for myself that I didn't get what I was hoping for.

I'll worry about sucking it up later...


Pam said...

I hear ya- I tell Ashlyn all the time that complaining doesn't help things and just makes all of us miserable. But- when it comes to me- well, I complain and complain when I don't get my way. I'm sorry for your experience with this and disappointment.

Kelly said...

Here we have morning or afternoon kindergarten. I used to want morning but now I'm starting to want afternoon. The problem, Lyndsy is dead set on afternoon (her reason: I get to play first). I'm afraid if she gets morning she will already start kindergarten with a bad taste in her mouth. Complaining doesn't fix anything but at least it gets the feelings out there.

Jamie said...

I'm sorry it didn't work out how you wanted, Andrea. It can be so hard to deal with disappointment, even as adults. I'm already worried about who my daughter will get for Kindergarten and that's still a year away! I so badly want her to have the teacher my son had this year. I may have to suck it up too!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Both Emma & Sophia didn't get the teachers they were hoping for either. Sophia was in tears and practically inconsolable. She didn't even care that her best friend was at least going to be in her class, she was so upset about not getting Mrs F. (Well, she cared of course, but ykwim)

Believe me, I hear ya!