Friday, July 23, 2010

BBQ'ing: 101

I have always wanted to learn how to BBQ -- especially lately with Les working out of town a lot. I've had Les explain to me the how-to of it before, but without actually doing it myself...well, I would never remember the ins and outs.

So tonight I did it all with him walking me through it. Yup, that's right -- I did it all. I started it up, put the pieces of farmer sausage on the grill, flipped them, put on the BBQ sauce, took them off the grill and shut it all off again.

And Les even left part-way through to go to the store to get a watermelon. So I was totally on my own for part of the process.

Here are some pictures of this very monumental occasion:

The finished product. Yummy!!

Voila! Our scrumptious supper. Courtesy of BBQ-Chef Andrea.


Jamie said...

That's exactly what I did tonight for supper! I had the farmer sausage all thawed, ready for Mark to BBQ, when he called to say he was going to be home from work very late. I thought of sticking them in the oven, but I got brave! I'd turned on our BBQ once before with his instruction, and what do you know, I did it tonight all by myself, just like you! Yay for BBQ-ed farmer sausage, and for the pride that goes with doing it yourself!

Sheila said...

That looks SOOO yummy! Good job on the BBQing!

And you look mighty cute in that pic as well!

Kathy and Carl said...

That looks awesome! Uh, so can I invite myself over next summer to try your delicious creations?

LaughingLady said...

Good for you!! I keep meaning to have hubby show me how to work it, too, but I'm just too lazy. Plus, it's located all the way out at the garage, so grilling and preparing the rest of the meal involves almost too much walking back and forth across the yard! I know that's a bit of an excuse, but that's what I'm using right now!!

andrea said...

Smoking hot!!! and the food looks good too! ;)
i have had no other option but to learn...quite freeing to learn such actually!

Pam said...

I know the point of this was you BBQing- and I'm proud of you! But- girl! You look great!!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Woohoo - way to go!

I think I need to write down the instructions for how to turn the thing on without exploding it ;)