Thursday, July 1, 2010

me and my little miss

Yesterday was the first official day of summer holidays at our house. And I think Malia is already missing the one-on-one time with me that she had gotten so used to.

I came down with a bit of a migraine late morning yesterday -- complete with vision problems and the works. So I went to my room to lay down for awhile, after getting the girls set up with something to entertain themselves with.

After about an hour (when my alarm had already gone off and I was slowly getting ready to join the world of the living again), Malia snuck quietly into my room and started snuggling with me on the bed.

A couple of minutes later, she got out of bed to firmly close the bedroom door before re-joining me in our sweet embrace.

"So we get some time just to ourselves," she said. (As if a closed, UNlocked door would deter Joelle from entering...)

I thought it was so sweet that she wanted some of our special time "just to ourselves", and it made me really grateful that I have one more year with her home -- even if only part-time -- to continue enjoying this new bond that we created this past year.

I love you my Little Miss Malia! xoxo


Melissa said...

So sweet, migraines are not fun:(
I love that your signing it Andi, I have been calling you that as I love to shorten names but I never asked you if you liked it!

Kathy and Carl said...

That's sweet to have a cuddle in bed. It's so important, even when they get to be big!