Saturday, July 3, 2010

the 'perfect' pair of shorts

I am not normally a fan of articles of clothing that openly brag about ones-self. For example: "It's All About Me" or "Spoiled Brat" t-shirts that I see little kids parading around in.

But a few years ago when I saw these "Perfect" shorts at Value Village for $1.99 I just couldn't resist buying them. In my defense, Joelle only wore them at home and not out in public.

And the same will go for Malia now that they have been passed down to her.

Today was the first time she has worn them, and she didn't even know what they said. After I told her it said "Perfect" on the bum, I asked her: "Malia -- are you perfect?"

"Nope," she said. "Only God and Jesus are perfect. And us only when we get to heaven."

Huh. I guess I never again have to doubt that her ears actually do work.


TammyIsBlessed said...

Nice signature! :)

Are you wanting to go by Andi now?

Andrea said...

My 'gamer gals' started calling me that last spring and it's slowly catching on with some people. I don't know if it would feel quite right having family call me that though. :)

andrea said...

very cute! amazing what they do hear! she's a treasure!

Anonymous said...

This is a story that I'm going to share with my Mom! She'll LOVE this. Les's Gramma is looking down from heaven smiling.

Gin said...

I'm anonymous....didn't mean to be.