Wednesday, July 7, 2010

saving my sanity ~ part II

If you remember from last week, I started putting into practice a few techniques around the house to help save my sanity over the summer months.

One of the things I said I wanted to get going was a chore chart. I finally made charts for the girls on Monday and we started full-force. Most of the chores are self-explanatory (click on the picture to view it bigger), but I'll go into detail on a couple of them.

Help Mom in the Kitchen: This one sounds vague, but that was just my shortened explanation of it to fit on the chore chart. Each day it will be one girl's turn to help me set the table for meals and the other girl's turn to help me clean up the table after meals. And then the next day we switch. This is now an additional thing I put on the other chart from last week (about who gets to do what on which days) to eliminate fighting or forgetting whose turn it is to do what.

Main Floor "Clean Sweep": This is when the girls take a few minutes before bed each night to quickly scour the main floor. Are there 'buddies' that have been brought down during the day to play with? Other toys that made their way to the living room throughout the day? Are their hair brushes and accessories cleaned up? Did they do a puzzle during the day that hasn't been put away? Did they do a craft at the table and leave out scissors, markers and construction paper?

I have put their chore charts on a wall in the dining room along with an envelope of stickers by each of their charts. So far the thrill of getting a sticker has been enough to motivate them so I haven't had to come up with a different reward system yet. Plus, the chore chart only holds 3 week's worth of stickers -- so after that point, we can whip up a new chart. I'll try to make them different each time so that they feel new and fresh again for them. And maybe we'll find that we need to add something (like putting away laundry) and take off some unneccessary ones. Like brushing their teeth every morning and before bed. This is always something they've done anyway, so maybe it should just be an automatic and nothing you get a sticker for.

I'm hoping this proves to be very successful at teaching the girls responsibility -- as well as making less things for me to have to clean up for them when they are fully capable of doing it themselves. But without a set routine and consistent follow through, it was always hard to put into practice. Now we've got a good system and I'm pumped about it!


Melissa said...

Sydney did super her first week, and the stickers are enough for her for sure:)

Andrea Loewen said...

Chore charts rock!! Another thing I did when my kids were young- I made chore cards- What i did was use the computer to make up wallet size cards- each with a chore- just a few of them were: swiffer floors, put away shoes/jackets, make lunches, clean/set table, unload/load dishwasher, collect belongings and put them away, vacuum, then I had 'moms choice' and 'dads choice' which were decided by us - there were more cards but i can't remember them all! Anyways, i printed them out on cardstock, then bought the clear sticky plastic laminating stuff from the dollar store and laminated them all. Then I would deal out the cards... and each of them had about 7 of them- and they would have 1/2 hr to do them. It worked fabulous!! Now that my kids are older, I do threaten them with pulling them out! But they know what needs to be done and have gotten better at it without me asking!! If u need more ideas of what to put on them, just ask!! It's amazing what kids can actually do!!
-Andrea :)