Thursday, July 22, 2010

when you love so much that it hurts

Yesterday was Malia's doctor's appointment to get her 5 year old Kindergarten needles. She was quite nervous about it and had been talking worriedly about it for weeks already -- months, actually, but it just kept getting worse as the time got closer.

And while it was hard to watch her tremble and cry (both with fear and with a bit of pain), there was something really special about that moment too.

See, I looked up at one point to see Joelle pacing the floor of the room we were in. Her hands were covering her ears, she looked helpless, almost frantic and near tears herself.

So why was this so special to me? Well, part of why Joelle reacted to Malia's fate the way she did could have had something to do with a flashback to an awful memory from last fall -- but I venture to say that the bigger reason is that Joelle loves her sister SO much that to see her scared and in pain made Joelle want to cry too.

You know...when you love someone so much that when they hurt -- you hurt too.


TammyIsBlessed said...

aww, that IS sweet!

Kathy and Carl said...

That's pretty special to have one child be so compassionate towards another. Gosh, it's hard to see them hurt, but it makes it a bit better to have someone love them so much.

Kelly said...

Aw you are soo right. Very sweet that she cares so much.