Wednesday, August 18, 2010

from ARGH to AHHH.....

The girls' closets and clothing storage situation has been driving me c-r-a-z-y for a long time.

They each have a bed with 3 drawers underneath them, which we've been using to store their in-season wardrobe. Then they each had a dresser that we stored inside their closet where I kept their off-season clothes. The closet rung and shelf on top of said dresser wasn't really used for anything since they couldn't reach it. Nor was there really room to hang anything on that rod without them hanging and dangling all over the dresser underneath.

I was very unhappy with this system, as not only did their bed drawers not seem to hold enough (they're not very deep or tall drawers), but I found that the girls were often just picking the same things to wear day after know, whatever was on top of the piles. Putting away their clothes was also a challenge, as they're not so great at folding yet. They would end up just stuffing clothes into the drawers, making them overflow and almost impossible to close.

So awhile back, I dreamed up a new system -- and finally this past weekend Les helped me put this dream into place. I asked him to purchase and install a 2nd closet rod with a shelf on top for each of their closets. Now they don't even have a dresser in their room at all. Their bed drawers are used for pajamas, socks, tights, capris and skirts -- and their closet rungs and shelves are used for everything else -- tops, dresses, jeans.

This has more than 1 benefit to it. First of all -- more room! Hanging clothes up takes up a lot less room than folding everything and storing them in drawers. There is also now room on the floor to store bins of toys as well, whereas before, the dresser took up the entire closet.

Also, now the girls can reach the lower closet rod (in-season tops/dresses on the bottom; off-season on the top) to select their clothes each day and to hang them up when they're done with them. AND, now when they are deciding what to wear, they can actually see what they all own. As we were transitioning the clothes from drawers to hangers, it was interesting to watch them as they realized they had all sorts of 'goodies' that had been tucked away, getting ignored.

I forgot to take before pictures, but here are the after pictures. Ignore the messy top shelves -- I haven't done anything with them yet. But look at how roomy it is. I could buy them another entire wardrobe and still have room to store them.

Isn't it beautiful?


TammyIsBlessed said...

Love the 2nd row idea - we've done the exact same thing for years and love it!

Kelly said...

Very nice. I too struggle with barely any storage. I just pulled out laundry from the dryer tonight and got a horrible feeling that the winter wardrobe is coming and those clothes are soooo think and take up so much room. Glad you found a solution.

melissa said...

lThats awesome sweets- I love having everything organized and being able to admire the sweet little outfits. Hope you have lots of hand me downs for us, now that everything is sorted!

LaughingLady said...

I need to do this with MY closet ~ forget the girls'!!! Looks great!

Kathy and Carl said...

Clothes closets drive me nuts! Trying to figure out to store and have things so they are accessible. You did a lovely job with the closets.