Saturday, August 7, 2010

if at first you don't succeed

Malia is definitely our brave child. Not to say that Joelle isn't sometimes willing to try new things...but Malia is far more adventerous, by nature (just one more way where she is more like her Daddy and Joelle is much more like her dear ol' Mom!).

Last weekend while at a big extended family gathering at the lake, she decided she was going to try water skiing for the first time. Yup, my little not-quite-five-year-old wanted to put on kid's skis and get pulled behind a boat.


Here she is getting a few instructions from her 'professional' skiier of a father:

And here she is, all ready to get pulled up out of the water.

It didn't go so well.

Not that she chickened out or anything. It just didn't happen. She got dragged under the water and came up crying and sputtering.

And she wanted to try it again!

I was so proud of her for wanting to give it another go, even though the first experience was less than pleasant. Here we go for round#2 (there's even a short video to show her efforts).

So yes, both attempts were not overly successful. But the point is that she tried. And even after her scare of the first attempt -- she tried again. And I'm betting that if not this summer, that for sure next summer she'll try again. And she'll keep on trying until she gets it.

That's just the way my Little Miss is.


Kelly said...

Skiing's tough. Good for her for trying it out!

Sheila said...

lol, aww! She's braver than I am!

Kathy and Carl said...

That is just awesome! Good for her for trying. Gosh, it took me until my 20's to get the nerve....

Krista Nicole said...

Way to go Malia! That's so awesome that she tried twice! Maybe next summer she'll get it. Or maybe you should take her (winter) skiing this year so she gets the movement. Yeah, I heard it come out of my... fingers, but it could be fun! : )

TammyIsBlessed said...

Way to go Malia! (Not that I'm at all surprised :)