Wednesday, September 1, 2010

apples to apples bananas

For many months now, anytime we've been in the mall and walked past this delicious-smelling chocolate shop, Joelle has begged to get a caramel-covered apple. We've always brushed it off saying "We don't have time now -- maybe next time." or "We just ate -- maybe another day."

The last time we gave one of these excuses reasons for not stopping, Joelle very validly pointed out that we always say "next time" -- but it never actually happens. Les and I both decided that she was right, and that the next time she asked (for we really didn't have time that day), we would finally get her one. Afterall, we want our children to trust us and our word. If we keep saying "next time" and never follow through...well, we don't want to give off that impression.

So this past Sunday was the day. The day that Joelle finally got her wish -- to get her paws on one of those delightfully decorated apples that have been calling her name for months and months. We each picked the apple of our desire, and $20 later (!!!) we smelled the delicious aroma all the way home, had a quick supper and sat down to enjoy our special treat.

The verdict from Joelle? "Uhh...I didn't like it that much. Maybe next time I'll try one of the bananas. Or the marshmallows." (at least those are cheaper!)

Sometimes what we think we really, really want isn't all it's cracked up to be in the end. Hmmm...sounds like that applies to more situations in life than just a candy-covered apple...

**I wonder if any of her claimed dislike for the long-awaited treat had anything to do with the fact that upon her 2nd bite, the stick poked through the top of the apple and went right into her gums!**


Melissa said...

That looks so super duper tasty:)

Amanda said...

mmm....those look yummy!

Jamie said...

My kids' eyes always widen when we walk past that store too, and when I tell them I used to work there, their eyes go even wider! But they've never said in so many words that they want to buy something from there, so we've dodged that expensive bullet so far!

Roo said...

mmm...i tried leaving a comment earlier but blogger wouldnt let me.
try again?

that foto is enough to get me to drive to the city tomorrow and GET SOME! shiloh and eli would flip!

Pamela said...

Try these:

We admire the apples every time we pass that store but can't bring myself to pay that price for them.