Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a "mum" can make all the difference

This spring when I planted my flower bed, I was excited to maintain it as nicely as I did last year -- when I surprised myself (and many others) with a somewhat green thumb.

Well...things got off to a fairly decent start, only to hit a rapid decline. It wasn't long before this is what the front of my house looked like:

The daisies looked nice and the marigolds were holding their own (sort of)...but those stinkin' pansies died right off. Click on the picture to view it in all of its hideousness. It was embarrassing to have that be the first thing people saw when coming to my home.

So, I fixed it!

I ripped out the dying plants and replaced them with 2 beautiful mum's (okay...Les really did it -- but I bought them!). Now I can once again look at my flowerbed with appreciation and satisfaction.

Sometimes all you need is a "mum" and your crisis is averted!