Thursday, September 16, 2010

new beginnings

Last week my precious Joelle started Grade 2. She was all excitement and smiles on her first day. The back-to-school outfit was lovingly picked out, her lunch menu requests were made and delivered, and out she went!

This girl loves school, just like her dear ol' Mom always did! Like her, I would always have been perfectly content to have only one month of summer holidays, instead of two. School supplies, a different classroom and teacher, new's all so wonderful!

Speaking of new friends -- Joelle made this Mom very proud on the 2nd day of school already. With Joelle's birthday being on September 20th (and her party on the 18th), she had to already hand out the invitations on the 3rd day of school so parents would be sure to get them before the weekend so they had enough notice. So on the 2nd day of school we were going over Joelle's guest list and I was making sure she was happy with it or if there were any changes she wanted to make. She thought about it for a few seconds and then her eyes lit up, she smiled big and she said, "Jane!" (name has been changed) I absolutely love how she wanted to befriend the new girl by inviting her to her birthday party right at the beginning of the school year.


Now onto my Little Miss Malia. Did you know that she started Kindergarten this year? Yup, true story. And after weeks and weeks of her expressing nervousness, anxiety and fears -- she finally started getting truly excited about it the night before. Talk about leaving it till the last minute! She has gone 2 days now, and although she cried a bit both mornings when Joelle walked her to her classroom (Joelle is her "Bus Buddy", who escorts her to and from her class and the bus every day), her first two days have really been successful.

It's been an interesting adjustment for me, having Malia in school. Not only because I'm so used to having her at home with me (although I'll usually be at work on the days when she is in school), but because it's a different Kindergarten system than what we had when Joelle started school. When Joelle started Kindergarten 2 years ago, she went every morning. But things have since changed and Kindergarteners now go full days, 2-3 days a week. With Joelle I only had to pack a morning snack -- now for Malia I have to pack her a lunch, a morning snack and an afternoon snack. She also gets rest time in the afternoon. So many changes, just when I thought I had this whole school business figured out!!

I'm hoping Malia will quickly adjust to this new schedule, for while she is all smiles when she gets off the bus at the end of the day...things very quickly go downhill shortly after she gets in the house. The meltdowns happen at the drop of a hat, and she is just downright miserable. Joelle had that problem when she started her full days of Grade 1 and it took her a good two months to get really adjusted to her new schedule. I'm hoping Malia bounces back a bit quicker than that!

I also hope -- and pray -- that Malia will learn to love school just as much as her sister. I also pray that she makes many new friendships that will last her countless years. A whole new world is being introduced to her and I can only imagine her thriving in such an environment!


Kathy and Carl said...

The pictures are great. How wonderful for Joelle to invite the new girl. Hoping the party is a lot of fun tomorrow.

Can't imagine full days for kindergarten! That's a big step. But I'm sure that Malia will adjust and thrive and do just great.

Margo said...

All of these pictures are adorable!! What an exciting stage of life! Enjoy it to the max!! I would love to go back and do it again. Not because of regrets (of course there are some of those) or because I'm not happy in the stage we're in, but those years were precious and went by SO fast!