Thursday, September 30, 2010

pay up

I'm not a great house-keeper. Oh, I try. I want to have a clean house -- in fact there is hardly anything I want more than to be able to keep a perfectly smooth and organized house all of the time. Yet I often lack the motivation.

Today -- during one of my very few precious kid-free days -- I decided to spend the first half of it cleaning and the second half of it relaxing and doing whatever I wanted. And you know what? Sometimes it pays -- literally! -- to clean your house.

I was putting the finishing touches in our master bedroom when I came across $3. No, it's not a lot -- but it was enough to buy an oversized chocolate bar from a neighbor boy who just happened to be going door-to-door selling the delicious goodness for a pre-school fund-raiser. It was the perfect way to treat myself after my busy morning of cleaning (not that the sight of my clean upstairs wasn't treat enough!).

So while for the most part a Mom doesn't get paid for doing household chores, sometimes -- sometimes -- she does!

Although now I'm going to have to pay for eating it all in one sitting...oops!! (Did I mention it was an over-sized chocolate bar??)


Samantha Steg said...

Haha! I love it!

Jamie said...

I'm so like that too, desperately wanting a clean house, only to look around and see little messes (or big disasters) everywhere. Gets very discouraging. It feels like you can never catch up. But if I'd get a chocolate bar every time I did a good cleaning job, I might do it more often! :)

Kathy and Carl said...

That's a great reward! And the over-sized bar was for a fundraiser AND for a job well done on the house. I hope you enjoyed every bit of it.