Saturday, October 9, 2010

the great migration escape

Sometimes I think geese are directionally challenged. I've never done any research on them to try to understand their ways, but just from watching them, they often seem confused.

I know they eventually all end up south for the winter, but it sometimes seems that it takes them awhile to figure out what direction they are going. I often see them flying in any every direction BUT South. I know at times of the year -- like this -- when they should be heading south, the unseasonably warm weather throws them off course. But even when it is obviously getting cold and they should be well on their way, you can catch them flying east, west...or even north!!

How often do I feel like a directionally challenged goose? Where I think I know where I should be headed, but I just have a hard time getting there. I take all sorts of detours and run into road blocks (okay, geese don't get hindered by road blocks, I suppose), sometimes not even being able to tell up from down, left from right, north from south. And I often wonder if I will ever reach my destination. And do I even know where exactly my destination is?

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LaughingLady said...

I hear ya ~ knowing where we belong and how to get there without having to THINK about it would sure be nice sometimes!

I'm pretty sure migration has a little something to do with instinct, which humans just aren't equipped with in the same way birds and animals are. But if we were, I think we'd miss the blessings along the way ~ and probably the whole point of the journey.

Just don't get sucked into an airplane engine, and you should be just fine! ;)