Friday, October 22, 2010

let freedom ring

Some mothers might cringe if they saw their daughter get dressed like this in the morning (and this is actually one of her tamer should've seen yesterday's far more outrageous outfit). And I will admit, it wouldn't be my first choice.

I used to be a very matchy-matchy kind of Mom -- even matching their underwear to what they were wearing on the outside. Or even making sure their hair elastics matched their outfit. But I have learned to loosen the reigns a bit and allow Malia a bit more freedom in her clothing choices.

You know how a lot of people say "You have a very stylish toddler"...well, guess what? It's not the toddler who is stylish -- it's the Mom! And yes, there are some adorable ensembles out there for little kids (girls especially), and while I love the look of a lot of those said ensembles -- and while I do sometimes enforce certain clothing choices on my girls for certain occasions -- I also think it's liberating to see them just dress however they want.

I love the carefree way Malia chooses her clothes in the morning. Her personality screams wild, fun and crazy -- why shouldn't her clothes reflect that? You can tell a lot about a person by the way they dress, and I don't want to limit Malia to my fashion style. In one way she already is limited to my style, as I choose and purchase all of her clothes. But the way she puts them together at least allows her some level of freedom.

Rather than force her to always wear the latest kid trends, or to make sure that she is matching -- and accessorized -- from head to toe isn't what I want my child(ren) to remember. I want them to remember that they had some say in how they were portrayed. I want them to look back at pictures one day and giggle at what they see. It's memory-making. It's practicing freedom of choice. And it's also not putting so much pressure on the outwards appearance. Goodness knows there is definitely way too much of that going on these days -- and I don't want to contribute to that -- especially being the mother of 2 young girls. They're not dolls that I can dress up and put on display. Putting too much focus on clothes and fashion can be a very dangerous my opinion.

This is my beautiful, fun, vivacious 5-year-old. And I would rather have her look like this 75% of the time than completely put together 100% of the time.


momto9 said...

She's adorable and I love her carefree sense of style!!!! She is learning a very important just be herself and not care about what others think!

I think I'd go nuts if I tried to coordiante how all 9 kids dress:):)...they certainly dress themselves in the mornings..except the 2 and 3 year olds of course (sometimes they ask for a particular shirt though:)

jen said...

I applaud your willingness to let her do her own thing :) I am still struggling with that one with my 6 year old! Most of the time I let her wear what she wants but then there are those days where I just HAVE to put my foot down...:) Way to go Mom and Malia!

LaughingLady said...

Yup, I reserve the right to enforce my fashion sense (such as it is, haha!!) on Sundays and picture days, but other than that, I let my girls wear whatever they want, no matter how much it makes me cringe ~ or laugh hysterically ~ inside!

She looks awesome!