Wednesday, October 13, 2010

mom in a sweater

With the kindergarten program being full days 2-3 days a week -- and with the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday on Monday...Malia went back to school today after a week long hiatus (don't even get me started on how I feel about this).

It was a difficult adjustment for her again, and when she got home from her full day away from me, all she wanted was to be near me. To have me hold her and hug her and kiss her and dote on her.

Unfortunately we had a busy day after school today -- including Joelle's piano lesson, quickly making and eating supper, and heading to the church for a music practice. So while I could not be physically holding or touching my sweet child...she wore my sweater.

Not quite the same...but it was better than nothing.


Roo said...

awwwww....i can remember my mothers'smell bringing me comfort like that too.

momto9 said...


Mamarazzi said...

total sweetness!

(your word verification is....


it made me laugh, cuz i am mature like that)

Anonymous said...

that's sweet:) she's adorable.
-Jackie K