Wednesday, November 10, 2010

chore chart

Today we f-i-n-a-l-l-y officially started following a new chore-chart method. If you remember, at the start of summer holidays, I attempted to enforce chores with this chart...but it didn't last longer than the 3 weeks' worth of columns.

But it was high-time that we gave it another go; I just needed to vamp up the system a bit.

My sister Tammy did a wicked post not too long ago that shows oodles and oodles of different chore chart ideas. So I took an idea from that post. And actually it was the very first idea that was presented. Yes, I did look through all of them -- but this one seemed to be one that was not only simple, but one that would be effective in my home. I made a few tweaks so that it suited us a bit better and here is how it works:

I made two sets of each 'chore' card. Some of them aren't really chores, but are reminders of things they need to do -- like brushing their teeth, etc. Here are the 4 cards of things that need to be done daily:

And here are the remaining cards of things that won't necessarily have to be done every day. It will depend on what we're doing that day. For example, if I know I'm not doing laundry tomorrow, I won't give them the "put away laundry" card. And if we're going to be gone from morning till evening, they won't have had a chance to mess up the basement...therefore they do not need to clean the basement. Also, the "Mom's Kitchen Helper" card will only be given to one child each day and that day it will be their responsibility to help me with whatever I need in the kitchen that day -- supper prep, setting the table, clearing the table, emptying the dishwasher, etc.

I also color-coded the cards. Joelle's are in blue and Malia's are in green. Here is an example of what Joelle's chores for tomorrow will consist of:

And here are Malia's chores for tomorrow:

We are having company tomorrow morning, so I know that their rooms and the basement will get played in and will need some clean-up attention. Also, I intend on doing laundry so there will be clothes they need to put away.

Here is how the chart is displayed. It is hanging low on our dining room wall where both of them can easily reach it.

The "Chores to Assign" envelope is where I keep all cards that are not being used on a particular day. Then each night before I go to bed, I will evaluate what our following day looks like and put the chore cards in their "to do" slots accordingly. Once they have completed a card, they take it out of the "to do" slot and put it in the "done" slot. At the end of the day, each card needs to have been completed.

And if it isn't? Well, if you remember awhile back I posted about us finally starting to give the girls allowance and I was wrestling with whether or not to combine the giving of allowance together with completing chores. I was learning more towards yes -- but after collecting feedback and doing some thinking on it, Les and I decided to keep the two separate.

So rather than withhold allowance for not doing chores, we are going to be implementing a sticker chart to go along with this. If at the end of the day they have completed all of their required chores, they will get a sticker. It's amazing that getting a sticker still has so much appeal, but I'll go with it! And at the same time, if they do not do some of their chores and their sister (or me!) has to do it for them...they need to use some of their allowance money to pay that person for doing work that should've been done by them.

For now the girls are thrilled with this new chore idea. Joelle has already deemed it the best chore chart ever! I know the novelty will soon wear off, but I'm hoping it will still continue to be an effective way to get them to stay on top of their chores at home.


LaughingLady said...

I like this idea, too. And I like how you're handling the "wages" of having someone else do your assigned chores! I think we're getting the girls special piggy banks for Christmas and we'll start with the allowance then. The chore chart... well, that's a matter of ME getting off my butt and doing it already!!

TammyIsBlessed said...

So glad you found one that worked for you! Thanks for the kuddos ;)

Guess I better pick a new one too one of these days. The girls are still using their summer chore charts, but they need to be modified a bit.

I definitely will be doing one with the flexibility of the one you picked - like that aspect for sure.

Jody said...

I really like this chore chart. I think the different cards would be fun for the kids, and for mom! Good job!

Gin said...

I love the idea of chore charts. I wish I would have had something like this growing up. You're such a good Mom!

Jo said...

Great idea! Love it!