Saturday, November 20, 2010

feelin' smart

Last month I posted about all of the goodies I bought/received through the Tupperware party I hosted. One of the items I got were these FridgeSmarts and I know some of you wanted to know if they actually worked.

As a quick re-cap, the purpose of these FridgeSmarts are to make your fresh produce last longer by giving them the proper amount of ventilation that the different fruits & veggies require.

Well, in all honesty, I can't say that I've really noticed a huge difference in longevity. Some difference -- yes. But not quite what I was expecting.

However, I still love these handy containers --just for a bit of a different reason. They are still "smart" in my opinion, but more for convenience purposes. It may take longer initially to wash and slice everything before putting it away in the fridge (rather than just stuffing it all in and washing & slicing as needed) but it is so worth it.

I find that I use my fruits & veggies a lot more often simply because they are completely ready to go all the time. I'm much more likely to get the girls celery sticks with peanut butter for a night snack now that my celery is ready to just grab and eat. Same thing with grapes. I know it's really not that difficult to wash a section of grapes and pull them off the vines...but when you're as lazy in the kitchen as I am, being able to just grab and go really is making a difference.

So while these FridgeSmarts maybe aren't making my produce last as long as I was thinking they would...they're still saving me from throwing stuff out because I actually eat and serve them more often!


The Brandt Family said...

Andrea, what a great idea on how to use those containers.
I know that we eat more fruits and veggies if I clean them right away and put them in a container.
Speaking of which, I have a bag of grapes in the fridge that need to be washed and pulled off the vine . . .

Sheila said...

I totally agree! I always try to wash and section all my fruits and veggies so they're ready to grab and munch when needed!