Thursday, November 25, 2010

thankful thursday ~ another day, another dollar

This week -- like many other weeks -- I am thankful for my job. And I don't mean my stay-at-home job, but my out-of-the-house job.

I have been with the same company for almost 11 years now in some capacity. I started off full-time as the receptionist (for the first 8 months) and have dabbled in several other positions over my time there. And other than my 2 maternity leaves, I have been working anywhere from 1-3 days a week depending on my child care situation and other scheduling issues.

The company I work for has been extremely flexible with my hours ever since I had my girls. It helps that I have been a good employee and know several different people's positions within the office -- but still...I know how fortunate I am to have been given such flexibility with my hours as needed. Everytime I need to make a change to my hours -- whether up or down -- they have worked alongside of me to make it fall into place.

Just now in fall I changed from working one 8-hour day a week to working two 6-hour days a week now that Malia is in Kindergarten part-time. I can't say enough how I appreciate their willingness to accommodate me.

The work I do while I'm there is hardly exciting. In fact, 95% of the time it's down-right boring. But I know that as a casual-time employee, I can't expect to have my own position. It seems appropriate that I get stuck with the tasks that nobody else could be bothered to do. But I try to do it with a good attitude -- because at least I have a job to go to!

Over the past year, I have also had the opportunity to bring some work home with me to earn some extra money. Again, it's far from exciting. But I can do it in the comfort of my own home -- and even watch Ellen in the process! -- and pump up my paycheques to boot!

And just yesterday I left work an hour early because of the latest winter storm we were starting to get. I didn't even really ask -- I just stated that things were starting to look bad out there, and since I live 1/2 an hour out of town, I was going to start heading home. I knew that I would be supported in that decision; that my safety was important to them too. More important than my last hour of work.

So while I may not get paid 'enough' (does anybody ever think they do?), and I may not be necessarily doing what I wish I was doing...I am so thankful to have the flexibility and the respect that I get there.

And sometimes that can be priceless.

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LaughingLady said...

You are indeed fortunate. Not many have that kind of employer!!

Whidbey Woman said...

Oh, I love this post. Bless you.
Hope you had a wonderful Thankful Thursday/Thanksgiving. I sure did!

Rita T. said...

Have a great weekend!