Thursday, November 4, 2010

thankful thursday ~ being refined

I asked. And oh boy, was I answered.

Perhaps not in the way I was expecting -- or in the way that I hoped. In fact, the answer was brutally painful. Yet I continue to remain thankful for the whole process.

As I put my questions out there, I prayed for three things. I prayed that the person who received it would read it with an open, softened heart. And I prayed that when I received my answers, I would also be prepared with an open, softened heart. And in the meantime, I prayed for peace and patience.

I had no choice throughout this entire process but to completely trust in God. Trust that He had heard and would answer my prayers. None of it was easy. And just when I thought the worst was over...well, it wasn't.

You know how when you hear something about yourself that you just didn't want to hear, you tend to immediately jump to your own defense. Try to talk your way out of it and make yourself out in a better light than what you were presented in. But what about when you hear the same thing from two different people? How do you explain that?

Well, sometimes you're not supposed to explain it. Sometimes you are not supposed to come to your own defense. The experience I went through this week was humbling. It was oh-so-painful. And it was eye-opening. But sometimes -- as hard as it may be -- you are supposed to allow yourself to be refined. Like gold.

**"The process of the refining of gold means putting the gold dust in a crucible and heating it until it melts. It is then that impurities begin to come up to the surface as a dirty film. The refiner then takes a ladle to scoop off these impurities and discards them.

The refiner may repeat the process a number of times, ‘boiling’ the gold to bring up the impurities and removing them, until he is able to look onto the refined gold and can see the reflection of his face, as if he were looking into a mirror."

God is my refiner; I am his gold. And I needed to go through the refining process this week. It wasn't pleasant -- but I am still thankful for it. And I am thankful that God sees the potential in me. He looks past the impurities and sees way beyond them; He sees that I am worth it. And He is with me every step of the together we seek to separate myself from my impurities and discard them.

Again and again and again.

Until one day -- on the other side of Heaven -- He will be able to look at me and see the reflection of His if He were looking into a mirror.

**Taken from here.


LaughingLady said...

I've always loved that analogy. We always want to avoid the pain ~ it seems unnatural and designed ONLY to harm us ~ and yet when we look at with this parallel in mind, it really is the ONLY thing that's BEST for us!

pam said...

Iron sharpens iron and it's a good thing. Thankful you know the One who loves us too much to leave us in our ugly places. Sometimes we feel ripped and shredded...even when it's the truth...praying your abiding with Him is sweet as He knits you back together.

TammyIsBlessed said...

The process of being refined is never fun, the the product that emerges is always beautiful!

Jo said...

Great post!!!