Wednesday, December 1, 2010

happy december

December 1st is finally upon us. Although our household has been well into our Christmas celebrations for a few weeks already (much to Les' chagrin...although he only has to endure it on weekends), it seems like when December is upon us, the holiday season kicks into high gear for everybody.

I thought today would be an appropriate time to share some of our favorite family traditions. The first one is one we do in the first half of November already -- it's the shoeboxes we pack for Operation Christmas Child. The girls come with us as we pick out school supplies, hygeine items and toys for children in far away countries who otherwise would get nothing for Christmas. Every year it gets more and more special as the girls get older and understand just how blessed we are to live the kind of life we do where we really lack nothing.

Next up: Christmas baking! It's only been in the last couple of years where I really started doing my own baking for the holiday season. My Mom would do all of the work and send us home with however much we wanted (and then some!).

But now it has been my pleasure to start our own family tradition of baking all of our favorite treats. This year I have done more baking than ever before. I tried some new recipes (like the picture below)...

...and of course stuck with the good ol' faithfuls!

And what goes along with the tradition of baking? Getting the girls to help, of course! At least with the icing and decorating of the soft white cookies. They look forward to this every year -- and as much of a mess that it makes in my kitchen, the memories are worth it all!

And we can't forget putting up and decorating the Christmas tree! Now of course this is something that everybody does -- but it doesn't have to be a unique idea for it to be a special family tradition.

There is one more tradition on its way -- although it's not so much of a Christmas tradition as a winter tradition. It needs some more work though (and even some more snow, believe it or not), but this is what I'm referring to. And this year it will be even bigger and better since we now have a deck to use in the design. And by "we", I mean Les!

**All of the recipes I used for my Christmas Baking 2010 Extravaganza can be found at the top of my blog under the Holiday Recipe tab.**


pam d said...

I like that your traditions are simple (even common) things. The other day I was feeling bad that we haven't really started any of our own "traditions", but I guess a tradition doesn't have to be unique or complicated - just something that you do each year that you enjoy!

momto9 said...

Such wonderful traditions! No matter if unique or not...the children don't care...what they care about is that all those traditions make them feel loved...even if they aren't concious of this themselves!
Good job momma!!!!