Tuesday, December 7, 2010

risky business

The other day Joelle got herself all bundled up to go play outside in the snow. After she had gone to all the trouble, she groaned and said "Uh-oh...I forgot to go to the bathroom first." She didn't actually have to go -- yet -- but we always tell them they should really go before they get all dressed to go outside. Just in case.

"Well," I told her, "You can either get unbundled to use the bathroom and get re-dressed...or you can risk it."

She took only a couple of seconds to ponder the options before confidently saying, "I'll risk it."

*Slight pause*

"What does 'risk it' mean?"

Hmmm...that in and of itself sounds pretty risky to me! I hope she doesn't always make decisions without knowing all of the terminology. :)

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momto9 said...

ha ha:) what a cute moment:)