Friday, January 21, 2011

'from-the-inside-out' friday

From the inside of what, you might ask? My closet! Why? Well, lately I have had some people asking when I will post pictures of my wardrobe again ~ knowing that I have been slowly re-placing my wardrobe in my newer sizes over the past 8 months or so. Usually I do this after a girl's shopping weekend ~ like here and here for just a few examples ~ by laying out the clothes on the floor and taking pictures of them. But this time I thought I'd collect pictures of me actually modeling the clothes so you get a better idea of what they look like!

So, you will get to see what the inside of my closet looks like...on the outside! This is my first edition with pictures of outfits I have worn in the past couple of weeks. Any description of the ensemble will be below the pictures.

Sweater dress ~ $10 from Sirens
Classic black camisole (a must-have in any wardrobe) ~ $5 from Dynamite
Tights ~ $7.50 (2 for $15) from Suzy Shier
Boots ~ $25 from Wal-M*rt

Sweater ~ a birthday gift from a girlfriend from Old Navy
Classic white camisole ~ $5 from Gordman's
Jeans ~ $20 from Ricki's

3/4 length button-up top ~ passed down from a girlfriend
Jeans ~ same as above

Argyle button-up sweater ~ $15 from Smart Set

Striped belted sweater ~ $13 from Herberger's
Grey patterned dress pants ~ $17 from Smart Set
Earrings ~ passed down from my sister
Boots (that you can't really see) ~ passed down from my Mom

Same look as above, but with the cardigan for an extra layer ~ $20 from Smart Set

Sweater ~ $10 from Sirens
Jeans ~ $50 from Ricki's (and in size 2, I might add!)

Again, same look as above but with the ever classic black cardigan. If you do not have one of these in your wardrobe...they are another MUST HAVE!

Plaid top ~ $35 from Dynamite (birthday gift from the specifically requested by yours truly)
Jeans ~ $8 from Value Village (originally from Garage)

And yes...even this look can be done with the beloved cardigan over top (the only thing I don't like is how the buttons on the short sleeves from the other shirt make it a bit bulky in that one spot)!

So there you have it! I'll take some more pictures over the next couple of weeks and come back with a new set to share with you. Oh, and if you have a favorite, I'd love to hear it!


Jenn said...

I love the sweater from Sirens. It looks great on you! The plaid top is also very cute.

TammyIsBlessed said...


I totally wish those blue earrings didn't hurt my ears - grrr! But they look great on you too ;)

Melissa said...

My favorite is the plaid bad boy!

Roo said...

lovely andrea. :)

Kathy and Carl said...

If only I lived closer and had a house key......hee hee!

Those clothes look great on you; how can I have a favourite!

Sheila said...

I LOOOOVE your taste in clothes!! I wish I had every outfir you just posted! You must do more of these posts!

PS. I'm totally gonna start checking out Siren's!

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous!

Jacquie said...

I think my favorite is the sweater dress and then in second place is the plaid shirt! :) But I am more impressed with your amazing shopping skills and that you get everything for such low prices!! Can you teach me your ways and take me shopping sometime? lol