Thursday, January 27, 2011

thankful thursday ~ falling into place

I am thankful when things fall into place nicely. When everything happens in a way that makes you be able to enjoy a situation that could've otherwise been a bit of an inconvenience.

I am referring to today's unexpected school cancellation.

Now, first of all ~ I need to let it be known that the school division we are a part of very rarely cancels school. Just last week we had several days of -40C/-40F weather and while plenty of other school divisions were closed, ours was not.

Today it wasn't due to cold weather ~ it's a balmy -8C/17.6F ~ but rather because of ice and fog conditions, making driving decidedly dangerous. So to start off with, I'm thankful that our children's safety is a priority to those making the closure decisions.

I'm also thankful that today wasn't one of my work days. Had it been a day I was supposed to work, I wouldn't had to first struggle with whether or not the roads would be safe for me to travel on {since I work in The City about 30 minutes away and have mostly a highway drive}. I am not one to easily cancel plans ~ even work plans ~ for some not-so-ideal driving conditions. But I didn't have to worry about that today. That also meant that I didn't have to worry about finding somewhere for my kids to go if I had indeed decided to make the drive.

And not only was today not a work day, but it was a day in which I had absolutely zero plans. Why was that so beneficial? Because then I could take more advantage of the lazy morning. If I would've had morning plans, I would've been awake earlier to be showering and getting ready for the day, and then the treat of a no-school day would've been a bust! But since I didn't have plans, I only dragged myself out of bed just before 8:00 to wake Joelle up for school. This made it a lot easier for me to crawl back underneath my covers a mere ten minutes after getting up!

The only unfortunate part of the morning's events is that I woke up a very disgruntled 7-year-old before finding out the news. And that just after telling her there was no school today, her little sister woke up.

But...I am thankful that the girls played very nicely ~ and very quietly ~ in Joelle's room so that their dear ol' t-i-r-e-d mama could catch a few more winks! I blissfully dozed in and out of sleep for an extra hour and then some!

So yes, everything fell into place nicely for me this morning and for that I am very thankful. And I continue to be thankful as Malia has had someone to play with all day so I could get all of the stuff accomplished on my lengthy to-do list! The girls have been wonderful playmates to each other all day, and now are also getting a rare playdate with their cousin! It's definitely a Thankful Thursday for me!


Kathy and Carl said...

It's awesome when unexpected things, instead of being an inconvenience, turn out to be a blessing. Ahhhh.....extra sleep!

LaughingLady said...

I envy you that your girls play quietly enough for you to continue sleeping!! My girls play happily together, no problem, but there's usually no sleeping through it!

Glad you ladies had a fun, unexpected "day off" all together!