Thursday, January 13, 2011

thankful thursday ~ wake up call

If there's something I's sleep. You'd think that would make me go to bed earlier than what I do ~ but that's not the point of this post!

Morning always comes too soon for me. It doesn't matter what time I've gone to bed or what time I have to wake up. It's never enough sleep. So yes, sleep is incredibly precious to me.

Thankfully my nights are ~ for the most part ~ interruption-free. With my kids being the ages that they are (5 & 7) and with their overall good sleep habits, nights are pretty clear sailing in our household. And that suits me just fine.

However...lately there has been a middle-of-the-night habit that Malia has developed. A bit of a wake-up-call, I suppose you could call it. I will wake up from the sound of her running full-speed across the hall from her room into mine. From the sense of urgency in her steps, it's as if nothing is more important than getting to my room for her designated purpose.

And that purpose? She runs into my room, climbs up onto my bed and lays herself down on top of my just-awakened self. She cuddles right into my chest, lets out a sigh and says "I love you, Mom!"

I rub her back for a few seconds, soaking in the love that she is so freely bestowing onto me. Then I whisper to her, "Okay sweetie -- time to go back to bed."

She quietly says "Okay," climbs off of the bed and happily scampers out of my room and back into hers.

And we both continue on with our previously interrupted sleep.

Sometimes I find myself wishing that she would stop this almost-nightly ritual and just let me sleep right through the night. Even though it's only a slight disruption to my night, it's still a disruption.

But then I tell myself that the day will come all too quickly when this type of behavior from a daughter to a mother will seem "so not cool" and could very well come to a screeching halt. So instead I am thankful. Thankful for the feeling that at that very specific time ~ the middle of the night ~ nothing is more important for my little miss Malia than to come and tell me that she loves me.

(And now that she has happened to go 2 nights in a row without doing what was become such a regular thing...I already miss it terribly!)


LaughingLady said...

Aww, that's so sweet! (beautiful picture of her, too!)

Kathy and Carl said...

Yeah, I tell myself that I would miss those late night cuddles. What a sweet pic of her, who could turn her back to her bed with a smile like that?