Sunday, February 27, 2011

10 11 facts about public swimming pools

1. When you think about it, you're really just taking one giant bath with a bunch of strangers. Eww.

2. Finding miscellaneous strands of hair in between your fingers while swimming is really disturbing.

3. Forgetting to bring along flip-flops to walk on the disgusting wet floor is upsetting.

4. Going swimming when you're already tired...just makes you even more tired.

5. Wearing glasses and playing in the pool aren't a good combination.

6. Using the toilets at swimming pools is even worse than just a regular public bathroom because the seats are always so wet.

7. Don't try to fool's inevitable that at least one loose band-aid will float past you during your swim.

8. There is always at least one person wearing an inappropriate bathing suit (or lack there-of).

9. It's pretty near impossible to not get any water in your mouth. And considering that it's also nearly impossible that at least one kid hasn't urinated in the water in close proximity to you...well...{{shudder}}.

10. Swim towels don't get you nearly as dry as regular bath towels.

11. The kids love as disgusting and inconvenient as everything is surrounding the event, you know you will continue to take them. And just try to pretend that you're not grossed out every minute that you're there.


Jen said...

So very true, but we as good parents just keep doing it, as disgusting as it is!! I just love the chemicals the put it the pool all the more :)

andrea said...

you are so funny! those are all our thoughts but we just keep going back! yeah, kinda REALLY gross!!!

TammyIsBlessed said...

I think we're all in agreement here ;)

Swimming at hotels seems so much cleaner.

Margo said...

It's all true, but still a fantastic family activity. Just don't think about it. All in all our lives are still WAY more hygenic than most peoples' around the world ;).

Jackie said...

yes, thank goodness for chlorine!!! we were just at the pool today and i had to go in with sophie this time AND we both had to use the toilet mid swimming... yuck! although after using the toilet i just told sophie the class was done!