Wednesday, February 2, 2011

exhibit "A"

Kids need structure and routine ~ no doubt about it. I'm sure most of you already know and believe that, but just in case, here's Exhibit "A" for my case.

Back in November when I started this chore chart, before I went to bed every night I would take the cards out of the girls' "done" slot and re-evaluate what tomorrow's chores would consist of and have them put in their "to do" slots for when they got up the next morning.

Well, ever since Christmas break ~ you know, when life is anything but routine ~ this chore chart got completely neglected. And I haven't started it up since. I know...shame! on! me!

But apparently it is being subtly hinted to me by one of my daughters that I get it up and running again, for what did I notice the other day? That she had taken it upon herself to put her chore cards back in her "to do" slot for me...since I've been slacking off.

Okay, hint taken, my child! I will get it back up and running. And I'm not going to wait until Monday ~ even though it often makes sense for me to start something at the beginning of the week instead of in the middle ~ but rather I am going to start it again tonight! Yup, I am. Before I go to bed tonight, I will have selected the appropriate chore cards for both girls for Thursday.

And my kids can enjoy getting back into more of a routine here at home. And I can benefit again from a bit of extra help from my more-than-capable daughters.

(Just for the record, the newly-enforced dish duty has been continuing on a daily basis. I rarely even have to remind them anymore to load their dishes in the dishwasher.)

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Jen said...

I made a similar chore chart and used it for two days...haha...just not our thing, my kids to help and do chores I'm just far too lazy to keep record of it!