Friday, February 25, 2011

'from-the-inside-out' friday: fargo-style

If you read yesterday's Thankful Thursday post, you will know that I spent last weekend on a blissfully wonderful shopping spree that proved to be very successful. I was debating about only showing one or two outfits a week on 'F-T-I-O-F' posts, as I wore them, but I don't know if I have the patience for that! Besides, since I don't have a natural knack for modeling (as I'm sure you all noticed, given my one pose over and over again!), I'm not feeling the love for posing with my stuff as much anymore. Anyway, some of you have been anxiously waiting to see pictures, so here they are, in the old-fashioned laying-on-the-floor style:

Blue patterned t-shirt: $8.99 at Gordman's
White tank top: $6.50 at Wet Seal
Heart necklace: $3.99 at Wet Seal

Here is a close-up of the necklace.

Tank tops: $6.50 each at Wet Seal (the white one is the same as in above pictures)

Bracelet: $6.98 at Target (I love how the colors go so nicely with the, I have other tops in my closet that match it too!)

Black & Grey-striped top: $8.00 at Herberger's
Notice the rouched sleeves and the buttons at the bottom on each side.

Purple butterfly top: $8.99 at Gordman's
(Ignore the goldish hue on the top butterfly from the's really silver like the bottom one)

Bright pink hoodie: $7.00 at Gordman's
Les isn't a fan of this purchase, and I realize it does look a little adolescent and not really my style...but it's something comfy and cozy for just wearing at home.

Long black top/sweater dress with pink stripes: $9.00 at Kohl's

Short-sleeved short gray cardigan: $5.00 at Herberger's
White tank: same as above
Necklace: $9.50 at Wet Seal

Grey camisole with little black hearts: $7.80 at Wet Seal
Dark pink cardigan: $15.50 at Wet Seal
Necklace (that came with matching earrings not shown): $7.99 at Burlington Coat Factory
Black shoes: $22.99 at Payless (my most expensive purchase)
Colorful bracelet: $7.99 at Target

Close-up of the 'bracelet of many colors' that I absolutely am in love with!

Dark pink cardigan: Same as above
Black & White animal print camisole: $11.99 at Gordman's
Set of 6 pairs of earrings: $5.50 at Wet Seal
Bracelet: $4.50 at Wet Seal

Short-sleeved light & flow-y 'cardigan': $7.99 at Gordman's

Earrings on the left: $4.00 at Gordman's
Earrings on the right: also $4.00 at Gordman's

And now I'm sure you are all wondering if I fed my purse addiction on this shopping trip. I had thought about it ahead of time and figured that I had enough other things that I needed more than yet another I wasn't going to 'waste' spend precious shopping time looking for one, and I had told my car companions on the way down that unless a purse literally jumped out at me, I was going to come home without one.

Well, whaddya know...while simply and innocently walking through the purse section at Gordman's ~ you know, since it was the quickest way to get from one side of the store to the other ~ not even touching anything, my new purse 'found' me.

It may not have literally jumped out at me ~ 'cause let's face it, that would've been creepy ~ but it was the next closest thing. Just ask my friend Hilary...she was my witness. It was sitting all by its lonesome self, just begging for someone to fall in love with her and take her home. The second I saw it, I let out a gasp, potentially even jumped up and down one single time, grabbed it and clutched it to my chest knowing that it was meant to be.

You laugh ~ and probably even roll your eyes ~ but this is just the way it is with me and my beloved purses. ;)

So without keeping you waiting any longer, here is the newest addition to my purse addiction family. For the low price of $16.99 (plus 20% off) it was a no-brainer! An absolute perfect purse for the upcoming spring season.

You can't tell me it's not absolutely delicious!

Okay, so that about sums it up I think. I did also buy 2 new rings, but they weren't photographing well so you'll just have to see them in person sometime. Oh, and some new running clothes, another Jillian Michael's work-out DVD to add to my collection and the board game Quelf (which, coincidentally was something I wanted to buy from my '101 in 1001 days' list!).

And as opposed to last year where I bought the girls each their own slew of clothes, this year I only brought them home a Parent Trap DVD and each a Princess and the Frog lap-desk for when they're drawing or writing in bed (on clearance for $3.74 each!).

I have been having fun wearing some of my new outfits already this week and I'm happy that I don't regret any of my purchases! Whenever I tried something on, if it didn't immediately grab me, I left it behind. But if it was love at first sight -- it was mine!

So tell me...what do you think? Did I do good?


Jenn said...

LOVE the purse and the bracelet of many colors. They're my faves. But everything you got is SO nice. You must have enough clothes now to wear something different every day for a month! I know where to come "shopping" if I need something to wear. :)

andrea said...

great shopping Andrea! It looks so springy and colourful! i like your tastes! that's a lot of new clothes!! now to ask, what are you wearing today?

pam d said...

What a haul! I love the purse. I dream of the day when I'll be able to just carry around a purse again. However, I did get a new diaper bag when we were in Florida, so that's almost as good.

Melissa said...

I bet your ready to purge your closet to make room for your new goodies, let me know when you do then we can plan for the church swap!

Sheila said...

I'm so jealous!! I want to go shopping in the States SO BAD! Believe it or not, last time I went was 2 years ago! Maybe this year will be the year for me!

Great picks!

The Brandt Family said...

You did good!
Definitely L-O-V-E the purse!

jackiejack said...

LOVE all your purchases!!! Can you go shopping for me???

LaughingLady said...

What I need is for you to just go do my shopping FOR me! I hate shopping and I hate looking for deals, and you seem to love both. Can I just commission you to spend my money FOR me and be my personal shopper??!

TammyIsBlessed said...

You did great! LOVE the purse :)