Friday, February 4, 2011

'from-the-inside-out' friday

This week's edition of "From-the-inside-out" Friday goes from one extreme to the next. I'll start with one of my most casual outfits and end up with one of my more dressy outfits.

This is as casual as I ever look ~ no matter if I'm just at home for the entire day seeing nobody but my own kids.

Jeans: Passed down from my sister
Pink t-shirt: $9.99 at Smart Set
Zebra zip-up hoodie: $5.99 at Wet Seal

The next two outfits are taking things up a notch, but still what I wear at home on a regular basis.

Jeans & boots you've seen before (Garage jeans, Wal-M*rt boots)
Green top: Thrift store (originally from Ricki's) for $4.99
Long black cardigan (different from the black cardigan seen in previous posts): $29 at Joe

Purple top: $11.99 at Gordman's
Black short-sleeved crocheted cardigan: $13.99 at Gordman's

The following outfit is not one I have ever worn just at home. The top seems just a bit too dressy, although with the lighter jeans, it makes it a bit more of a casual look.

Red flowered top: $14.99 at Smart Set
Everything else you've seen before!

And here is an outfit that I have only worn to church. It's not glamorous by any means, but it's an outfit that I don't even wear to work so that makes it pretty dressy by my standards!

Purple/pink top: $9.99 at Smart Set
Grey skirt: $14.00 at Smart Set
Black tights: $7.50 (2 for $15.00) at Suzy Shier
And the classic black cardigan and black boots polish off the outfit.

And I need to just bring attention to the wonderful necklace that is the icing on the cake! I cropped a close-up of it for you (not the greatest angle, but it's the best I got for right now). It's a beautiful heart-shaped leaf necklace that I won off of Dandelion Wishes' blog. It was a nice birthday surprise. Thanks, my friend!

And there is this week's peek into my wardrobe going from casual to dressy!


Melissa said...

so much fun Andrea, I may need to start photographing my outfits~ I have a special "new" one for Sunday!

I can't wait to see your picks after our clothing exchange addition!

andrea said...

i love the red flowered favorite....i just may have to borrow that sometime! :)

Margo said...

Very nice! You are going to love looking back at these one day!

Sheila said...

Man, Andrea, you make everything look good!
And I'd say you're way better with dressing up than I am, cause your first pic is what I would look like if I actually dressed up! Sweats and tanks for me!

Mamarazzi said...

love love love the necklace...i would love it if you shared it on Dandelion Wishes Facebook Fan page.

you are a HOT mama, really you look amazing!!