Thursday, February 3, 2011

thankful thursday ~ face to face

We don't have a Wii at home ~ or any other gaming system for that matter. And while we often talk about the possibility of getting one in the somewhat near future, for now I am quite content with the fact that we are in the minority when it comes to this particular trend. Thankful even.

Anybody who really knows me knows that I love Pepsi board and card games. I can sit and play for hours on end. Unfortunately Les isn't quite as into this form of a past-time activity ~ but fortunately my daughters are!

We have been slowly building up our supply of fun family games over the past couple of years and I am quite happy with what we have come up with so far. Some of the games we have are ones that the girls can play on their own, without any adult help ~ such as Operation, Guess Who and Perfection. But my favourites are the ones that Les and I can also enjoy playing.

I love it when we set aside an evening to play one or two {or three!} games together as a family. We pop some popcorn, or grab some goodies from the freezer, put on some music and all sit around the dining room table. We laugh, we win, we lose, we have a great time!

And while we occasionally bend the rules slightly for Malia's benefit (like not using the timer when she has to mold something out of clay in our newest game, Cadoo), typically we don't let the girls get away with things just so that they win. We feel it's important to let them know how to handle losing ~ and winning ~ graciously.

Some of my favorite family memories happen on our games nights and I hope this is something that we continue to do on a regular basis...whether or not we get a gaming system.

I'm not saying families can't bond over video games and make good memories that way too. But I am saying that for right now I am very thankful for that face to face memory-making time.


The Brandt Family said...

We have a Wii, but we LOVE board games too! In fact we probably play more board games than video games.

Jen said...

yup us too, we love playing games with our kids, our favorite lately has been SkipBo, even Brad and I play that one together a lot!