Thursday, February 24, 2011

thankful thursday ~ shopping success

If you know me even a little, you know that I l-o-v-e shopping. I could live in a mall and be perfectly happy. Seriously. I even enjoy just window shopping ~ although let's be's much more fun when you have money to spend, of course!

So when I have an opportunity to spend not just a day ~ but an entire weekend shopping ~ you had better believe I'm gonna be thankful for that!

{happy sigh}

Such is my post for today, for last weekend (in Malia's terms) I was "Fargo-ing" on my annual girl's shopping weekend with a group of ladies from my church. And not only am I thankful that the weekend finally arrived, but I'm thankful for some of the things surrounding the grand event!

I'm thankful, first of all, that I had money to spend on this weekend. Thanks to some saved birthday money and Co-Op cheques that came in the mail just in time, I had about $300 to spend guilt-free on whatever I wanted! Not including food, gas and hotel costs.

I'm also thankful that the weather co-operated...sort of. Late afternoon the day before our departure, we got hit with a wicked storm. Fresh falling snow combined with gusty winds made for some not-so-ideal driving conditions. Numerous vehicles were strewn in the ditches in our area, and even the most confident of winter drivers (like my hubby) were white-knuckling it all the way home. Highways were being closed left and right and I was left wondering what kind of impact this would all make on our trip.

I'm thankful that my wonderful husband realized my stress level and loving and generously gave me a wonderful massage that evening to relax me! But thankfully the weather cleared up overnight and we were good to go for our Friday morning departure!

On the tail end of the weekend, I'm glad that the weather co-operated yet again. I knew before heading out that on the Sunday (the day we were scheduled to come back home), Fargo was expected to get 5-10 cm of snow, but I figured that the forecast could easily change between Friday and Sunday.

It turns out I was wrong. Saturday evening while in the hotel room, we discovered that we were under a weather advisory for Sunday from 6am to midnight with snow and gusty winds. Great. I really didn't want to be snowed in for a 2nd time in as many months. But thankfully when we woke up on Sunday morning, while we were certainly met with gusty winds, there was no snow to be seen and we were able to travel home as planned with no issues.

And of course I am thankful for the success I had while shopping. I may not have found all of the things on my list (jeans for one least favorite thing to shop for, yet the thing I am in need of the most right now!), but I did strike it pretty good with tops and accessories (look for pictures of my purchases in tomorrow's post).

Aside from the shopping, I was also thankful for the opportunity to have a weekend where I didn't have to cook, clean or pick up after anybody. Dining out at restaurants is another one of my most favorite things, and I did that in fine form for 3 full days. It was sheer bliss!

I am thankful that upon my return to my home sweet home, I was greeted with a surprisingly tidy house (I've got an awesome hubby...he even had cleaned all 3 bathrooms for me!), big hugs from my excited kids who weren't quite asleep yet AND a next-to-nothing weight gain!

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andrea said...

now that's a sweet time!
i'm craving that! can't wait to see the new finds!