Saturday, March 19, 2011

march mania: day 19

{nicknames you have and why you have them}

Some of my 'nicknames' are just name variations or shortenings. When I was a kid, a lot of people called me Ang, actually. I guess when you say the first half of Andrea, the 'd' sounds a bit like a 'g'. As I got a bit older I realized that I quite disliked being called Ang, so I made my family stop calling me that. The only person who still calls me that (and gets away with it!) is my cousin Yolanda.

In high school, I had the nickname 'George.' A few of my friends were trying to guess my middle name one day. I gave them the hint that the starting letter was a G, and to be silly, one of them shouted out "George!" and it just stuck. Those high school friends still call me George to this day. :)

In Bible school was the first time anyone started calling me An. I liked this one; I thought it was cute. This is the time where I met Les, so this is what he calls me all the time. Only if he's talking to me though ("Hey An..."). If he's talking about me or referring to me, he calls me Andrea ("Andrea and I...). But if I ever hear him say Andrea directly to me ("Hey Andrea...!), it sounds strange.

My most recent nickname is Andi -- which you'll probably notice is how I sign my blog posts now. Very few people actually call me this, but it started about 2 years ago with my "Gamer Gals." We were getting our characters set up for Rock Band, and for some reason someone suggested that the name for my character should be Andi. So that's how that started, and now really only one of them still calls me that.

And I think that's it. Now I want to hear some of your nicknames!


pam said...

I got the nickname "Rooster" when I was in high school and my hair was so short that I could spike it.

Gin said...

Lil calls me John; one of the guys that I work with calls me GT and another calls me G. When I hear someone call me Virginia (my given name) I sit up straight and pay attention!! Very few people call me that.