Wednesday, March 23, 2011

march mania: day 23

{something you crave for a lot}

In thinking of the answer for today's post, I was basically going to link back to yesterday's post where I talked about things that made me smile: Pepsi and Nutella, specifically. Those are also things I crave for a lot.

But after reading Sheila's post just now, I was reminded that there are other kinds of cravings than just food. I appreciated the fresh perspective which also keeps you from having to read yet again about my love for Pepsi. :)

So what do I crave for then?

1. I crave for meaningful, uninterrupted time at my piano where I not only play music, but sing along from the deepest parts of my soul.

2. I crave for boredom; for when there is absolutely nothing demanding my time and attention.

3. I crave for sunshine, light rain (not simultaneously...although it has happened), rainbows and green grass.

4. I crave running!

5. I crave for quality time spent with my hubby (not in front of the TV).

(And is it just me, or has the word 'crave' now lost all meaning after reading it so many times??)


Sheila said...

Love it! So glad I was able to help out!

I see that, after reading your list, I forgot to also add the 'running' to mine.

Kathy and Carl said...

Yeah, it certainly does. Craving for ketchup chips? That's my belly. Craving for alone time in a bubble bath, that's my soul.

Thanks for sharing.