Tuesday, March 29, 2011

march mania: day 29

{in this past month, what have you learned}

One thing that strikes out at me that I have learned this past month is that God still speaks to His people. Perhaps not through a burning bush and not actually hearing His voice. But He takes small things and orchestrates them to fit into His plan.

Last weekend, the girls and I got to be a part of something really cool that was totally a God thing. We left the house last Saturday afternoon to head to The City and needed to stop at W*l-M*rt to buy some birthday presents.

It was a mild afternoon, yet the girls decided to wear their toques as we ran out the door into the van. I was going to tell them they didn't need to bother with them, but they were out of ear-shot so fast that I just didn't bother.

And I'm glad that I didn't.

Less than a minute after walking into the W*l-M*rt (the one attached to the shopping mall) -- the girls still sporting their toques while indoors -- we were approached by two men. One was probably late 20's, the other mid-late 30's.

"Excuse me," the older one said to get my attention. I was in a bit of a hurry and my first instinct was to brush them off. But something stopped me from doing that, and instead I stopped and smiled at them, waiting to hear what they wanted.

They went on to say that they were from a small collection of local churches that were doing a treasure hunt in the mall. One of the clues was to find someone wearing a fuschia toque. They said they had been all over the mall and Malia's was the first toque they found that matched the clue.

Not totally surprising, since most people weren't wearing toques on this somewhat mild afternoon.

I waited to hear what they were going to say next. I figured perhaps they were supposed to now take a picture with the person who matched the description or something. But he surprised me with what he said next:

"When we find the person who matches our clues for our treasure hunt, we just want to tell them that they are a treasure to Jesus and that He loves them very much."

Instantly I could feel myself tearing up. "Thank you for saying that," was my reply. He went on to ask me if I believed that. "Oh yes!" I answered whole-heartedly. He asked if we were Christians and I said yes. After a minute or two of small-talk, he blew me away even further by the next comment:

"The other thing we want to do when we find the people who match the clues is to ask them if there is anything we can pray for them about."

Now, I don't know about you -- but when someone asks me that out-of-the-blue, I usually have a hard time coming up with something. Never mind when it's a stranger asking!

But instantly a prayer request came to mind. One that had been pressing on my heart and mind a lot in the last little while and affects my entire family. I voiced the prayer request to these two gentlemen, and then they prayed for us.

Yup. Right there in the middle of the busy Saturday afternoon crowd at W*l-M*rt, these two complete strangers prayed for me and my family. With one hand on Malia's shoulder and one hand on Joelle's, I stood there and soaked up the incredible experience as I listened to both of them offer up their prayers. Tears kept welling up at the corners of my eyes and I felt incredibly blessed to be able to be a part of something like this.

I feel like God orchestrated the entire thing. From the girls wearing their toques when they didn't need them, to the exact timing of us walking into the store, to me taking the time to stop when they approached me, to me having a precise need to be prayed about.

All because He knew it was exactly what I needed at exactly that time.


jen said...

Wow. So touching and inspiring:) Thanks for sharing!

PamJ said...

that's amazing. what a great story! i love it how god works especially when you least expect him to :)

TammyIsBlessed said...

That is awesome - so cool that the girls got to experience that with you!

pam said...

That's an awesome story.
What did the girls think about the whole thing?

Kathy and Carl said...

Wow! That was amazing!

andrea said...

love this story...yep, tears are pouring down for the 2nd time hearing it. God is so good!

Jamie said...

That's amazing! Gave me goosebumps!

Sheila said...

Wow! What an amazing act of God!

Melissa said...

simply beautiful... the way God works!

Margo said...

That is very cool!! What a great experience for your girls too. Most definitely a God moment!!