Friday, April 8, 2011

from-the-inside-out friday: 'skinny' confessions

When skinny jeans first came onto the scene (however many years ago), I thought they looked utterly ridiculous. In fact, I remember very clearly laughing at my sister when she started sporting her first pair of these a few years ago.

They looked fine with high boots, but wearing them with sandals, flats, or high heels was something I thought was absolutely hilarious.

But what I have come to realize lately is things that I deemed as fashion-nightmares were really my insecurities about my body coming out. Because I knew I couldn't wear things like skinny jeans (and actually look good in them) at my heavy weight, I tried to tell myself that it was a silly styles anyway and that I would want no part of it. It made me feel like I was choosing to ignore the latest trends, rather than feeling forced to because of my size.

It's amazing how all that has changed now that I am thinner. I am eating my previously-spewed words of mocking the skinny jeans and I am now wearing them with pride (Sorry Michelle for snickering at your obviously wonderful fashion sense!). And here are the pictures to prove it!

Lo and behold -- the pair of skinny jeans I swore I'd never own! Never say never...

Skinny jeans: $45 at Warehouse One (yes, pricey -- at least for me -- but to get a good pair of jeans sometimes you just need to pay up!)
Black & Purple flowy top: $14.99 at Smart Set

The thing I absolutely love about this particular pair of skinny jeans is that they're not AS skinny & tight below the knees as a lot of other ones were that I have tried on over the past months. I wanted a pair that I would feel just as comfortable wearing without the high boots over top. And I got 'em!

Grey camisole with black hearts: $8.00 at Wet Seal
Bright pink cardigan: $15.00 at Wet Seal
(Both items have been seen on my floor lay-out from my Fargo trip)


Michelle said...

Apology accepted!!! You look way fab in them yesterday by the way!!! What a hottie:)

andrea said...

looking good! you are still braver than me!!! maybe i just need to try on a pair! you are so convincing!

Sheila said...

Holy smokes, woman, look at you! You look stunning!
And don't worry, I hated skinny jeans at first too and now they're my favorites pair EVER!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Way to go!

I still prefer the look of skinny jeans with boots on though, gotta say.

I do wear my skinny jeans (and feel good in them), but I still prefer flare ;)