Friday, April 15, 2011

i choose happiness!

In order to help keep me from negatively focusing on what's happening outside right now...

I thought I'd make a list of some things that have made me happy today!

1) $1.98 well spent at Superst0re on a microwave dish cover.

Now -- pardon the disgusting graphic -- for that low, low price I can keep my microwave from ever looking like this again:

2) Best friends who live just down the street (how unbelievably sweet is this??).

3) Second-hand third-hand...ah, heck -- Les found them at the dump -- storing shelves that hubby put up in the basement...

...which now has helped massively de-clutter the tops of my kitchen cupboards (which were literally FULL of things like my slow-cooker, fondue pot, etc.) and give me more room in my teeny-tiny pantry closet for extra tins of soup or jars of Cheese Whiz!

4) Listening to my 5-year-old read a book almost perfectly her first time through!

5) Watching my girls do The Hokey-Pokey! 'Nuff said. :)
(Video isn't uploading, unfortunately)

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andrea said...

lots to be thankful for!!!