Thursday, April 14, 2011

thankful thursday ~ when vitamins can talk

I don't think I stand alone when I say that being shown I am loved is what helps get me through each and every day. Who doesn't need to know they are loved?

You can feel loved through countless different ways. When someone brings you flowers, someone calls you just to say hi, someone wants to spend time with you. When someone tells you that you are beautiful, they write a love song about you, they make time for you.

I could go on and on.

One way my family shows me that I am loved is by this:

These are the vitamins I am supposed to be taking each and every day. I say 'supposed to be' because I admit that I slack off in this area. A lot.

Les even went to the effort to make things as simple as possible for me by getting me a pill separator and taking it upon himself to make sure that each slot is regularly filled so all I have to do is pop open today's lid and have at 'er.

Every morning when I come downstairs, these pills are laid out in the middle of the countertop and I love to see them there. Not because I look forward to taking them, but because it's a reminder that my husband loves me and wants me to stay healthy (In case you're curious, the pills consist of one multi-vitamin, one calcium pill and 2 vitamin D pills). It shows me that he was thinking of me in the morning before he left for work and that I am important to him; that he wants me around for a very long time!

The girls have even started taking it upon themselves to give me constant reminders too. If they see the pill slot for the day hasn't been emptied, they gasp and sort of tsk-tsk me. And yes, even wag their finger and mini-lecture me at times! I get a lot of very stern, "Mom! Why didn't you take your pills today?"

Sometimes I feel like they're all ganging up on me and I wish they'd just let me decide for myself whether I'm going to take my vitamins or not. But most of the time, it just makes me smile.

And feel very, very loved. Who can't be thankful for that?

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