Thursday, May 5, 2011

thankful thursday ~ i love lists

Today, rather than focusing on one thing I am thankful for [like I tend to do in my Thankful Thursday posts], I'm going to make a whole long list of things that made me thankful this past week.

* Giggles from the girls and 2 of their friends over the supper table

*An evening of one-on-one quality time with one of my best one of my favorite restaurants [Boston Pizza...yumm!]

* Stepping outside of the box ~ more than once!

* Putting my 'soccer mom' hat back on

* Fresh air coming through my open there any better smell?

* Solid work-outs that make me sweat, but also make me feel oh-so-strong! [and proud for pushing myself further than I thought I could]

* Taking the initiative

* Going for a run on a beautiful evening [and the hope to get out there again tonight]

* The sweet, sweet taste of Pepsi

* Scoring a good deal on a portable DVD player with 2 screens for the van [in perfect timing, as we have upcoming plans to visit family 6 hours north in the near future]

* Sunshine! Sunshine! Sunshine!

* Friends who trust me enough to confide in me

* Experiencing [second-hand] God's miraculous hand of healing on a precious little boy...and the excitement to see what other miracles He will do yet!

* Freshly painted toe-nails...and weather nice enough to wear the proper foot attire to show them off!

* A good book

* That Malia's interruption of good health this week was very short-lived

* The fun that comes with having a Wii [and how threatening to take away Wii-playing privileges is an effective disciplining tactic...hee hee]

Have a very Thankful Thursday everyone! The blessings are everywhere around us; we just need to open our eyes!


andrea said...

you have lots to be thankful for...hmmm, i need to make a list too. when you see it written down, it just seems more tangible! :)

Melissa said...

Love looking for the blessings all around us, thanks for sharing sweets:)

LaughingLady said...

ACK, I forgot about the toenail-painting!! I kept my littlest home from school today because of some random, seemingly virus-related rashy spots and we had lunch at the picnic table, but the breeze was still a bit chilly. My feet were cold, so as soon as I got back inside, I put my socks back on and then, well... outta sight, outta mind, I guess!

This is a great list. I love these thanksgiving lists and I love that it's become a habit for me to keep one daily because there really are SO many blessings that surround us!!

Kathy and Carl said...

Awesome list! It's a real blessing to read, plus Boston and Pizza and painted toenails, woohoo!

Sheila said...

What a great list!! And i just must add, SO jealous on your motivation to keep active! Mine is at ZERO. :(