Thursday, June 16, 2011

thankful thursday

* Baskets of unfolded laundry ~ which means I have clothes & towels a-plenty that need washing AND a washing machine with which to do it!

* A new shower curtain (for $9.99) that immediately gives the ensuite a fresh, new look!

* The colorful personality of my match her colorful wardrobe style. ;)

* New Norwex cloths that were in dire need of replacing the old ones!

* Fun treats all the way from Mexico

* Earrings for $1.00 a piece at a closing-out sale

* GIANT freezies on a hot morning

* A good book

* And the opportunity to do this:


LaughingLady said...

YES! All great things to be thankful for, indeed!!!

Gin said...

I wish I had Malia's bold style!! I'm quite boring in my attire. I'm thankful that I can look to her for inspiration!

andrea said...

quite the thankful week! not to mention...thankful you are done the 6week challenge you put yourself thru! that's a great week!

Jenn said...

Awesome earrings! And to think I walked right past that sale thinking it would just be junky stuff. Good finds!