Friday, July 22, 2011

from-the-inside-out friday: spicing it up!

So, lately I have become very uninspired by my summer wardrobe. As much as I have been loving the summer weather, I have to admit that I much prefer my fall/winter wardrobe.

So yesterday when I was trying to decide what to wear to work again, I decided to take something that would ordinarily look ho-hum and make it pop more. Here's what I did:

With just the light denim skort and the plain pink t-shirt, no wonder I was feeling ho-hum. But adding layers and extra dimension, some fun jewellery and of course a fun colored purse and suddenly the outfit goes from ho-hum to FUN!

Denim skort: Hand-me-down from last summer
Pink t-shirt: Smart Set (also last summer), can't remember how much - maybe $8?
Light gray 3/4 length sleeve short cardigan: Free item from clothing exchange
Necklace: $7.99 from Burling Coat Factory (from my girls' weekend in February)
Bracelet: $7.99 from Target (from same shopping weekend)
Blue purse: $16.99 (plus 20% off) from Gordman's (girls' weekend)

And we can't forget the black camisole! You can only see a small sliver of it underneath the pink t-shirt, but I think it totally adds something to the ensemble!


Andrea said...

I LOVE the fun look!! You look great!!

pam said...

You always look so well put together, Andrea! Me, I'm just happy when whatever I'm wearing doesn't stink like puke. :)