Friday, July 29, 2011

go forth and bloom!

When Les and I went plant-shopping for our flower beds this spring, we were going for a green-red-and-white theme for along the side of the house. Imagine our surprise when 2 of the plants ended up blooming pink flowers instead of the intended red ones.

At first I was disappointed with it, since I am not a fan of red & pink side-by-side. I think they completely clash together. I just wished that we would've gotten what we expected; what we had planned on.

But guess what? This is beautiful in its own way. You know why? Because these plants bloomed exactly the way they were supposed to. Not just the way they were labeled to.

Oh yeah, can just smell the flowers metaphor comin', can't you?

Do you feel the world expecting you to 'bloom' a certain way, only knowing that you were meant to do something altogether different? Do you try to fit in to the familiar mould of everyone around you - or are you willing to stand up for yourself and be a pink flower in a sea of red ones? The red ones are beautiful too - but is that really who you were meant to be?

Are you ready to step into the path that were laid out in front of you by your Creator, who has the perfect plan for you as long as you choose to follow it?

(Please don't confuse this with using the cop-out line of "I was born this way." I have a hard time swallowing that line which can be used as an attempt to pretty much excuse any behaviour or lifestyle choices. There's a difference between saying that and saying "This is how I was born to be in Christ.")

If God intended you to bloom in brilliant red - do it! If you were meant to radiate in luscious pink - wear it with confidence! If God's plan is for you to sparkle in bright purple - it will look good on you! Don't change your shade because of labels others might put on you. Wear the colour God specifically chose for YOU.

Imagine the glorious-looking garden we would all be together - full of all the colours of the rainbow - if only we were comfortable with the shade God intended for us to be.

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TammyIsBlessed said...

Preach it sister! And I love your clarification of the two different types of thinking. Awesome.