Monday, August 8, 2011

1000 gifts: #15 - 32

Last week I started a list of 1000 gifts. I was so excited to start numbering my blessings, that I sort of forgot to do any kind of introduction as to what I was actually doing!!

I think it all started here and it's been floating around all sorts of blogs for many, many months. It's called "Multitudes on Mondays: 1000 Gifts" and it's basically about literally counting your blessings; numbering them from #1 right up until #1000. Really, it's similar to my Thankful Thursdays that I have been participating in somewhat regularly for the past several months, but I like actually counting my blessings and making a running list. Besides, changing things up sometimes is a good thing.

So for now, my 'Thankful Thursday' posts will turn into '1000 Gifts' posts on Mondays! Although I make no guarantees that I won't ever accidentally repeat myself on some gifts between #1 and #1000 since I'll likely lose track of what I've all expressed gratitude about from beginning to end!

[15] a short (but sweet) run after a month-long dry spell

[16] the opportunity running brings to clear my head and make decisions

[17] carpooling

[18] hand-me-down's from a friend (for myself; not my kids!)

[19] being able to fit into said hand-me-downs!

[20] healing - physical, spiritual and emotional

[21] messages in the sky from our Heavenly Father

[22] determination

[23] kid-free mornings

[24] sleeping with the windows open at night

[25] weekends at home with my family

[26] Saturday sleep-ins

[27] BBQ's on the deck with friends...

[28] mosquito free...

[29] and full of laughter

[30] a husband who works many more hours than what he should have to, to support our little family

[31] friends who tell you that they pray for you every day...because you are important to them

[32] spontaneous mother/daughter trips to a movie theatre

"Gratitude is the memory of the heart."
~Jean Baptiste Massieu

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