Monday, August 15, 2011

1000 gifts: #33 - 53

Today I really needed to be reminded of how blessed I am. When hubby kissed me good-bye this morning and said "I'll see you next weekend", my heart sunk with the realization that I was without him for yet another week. So what good timing to continue counting my blessings rather than dwell on what (or who) I'm missing...

[33] summer playdates

[34] sweet, tiny baby toes

[35] de-cluttered counters

[36] a tall glass of cold water

[37] chore charts

[38] watching my daughters tenderly care for an ailing moth

[39] the fresh smell of rain

[40] a day of fall-like temperatures to break up the summer heat

[41] new, fresh-smelling school supplies

[42] whispered "i love you's"

[43] coming home

[44] a good hair day

[45] thrift stores - at which I got a big bulk of the girls' back-to-school clothes shopping done

[46] sore cheeks from laughing so much

[47] refreshing alone time

[48] back-to-back evenings with "Friends" - which had a lot to do with [#46]

[49] anticipating the arrival of my newest nephew

[50] hearing "I miss you" from my girls

[51] shopping, dinner & a movie with one of my best friends

[52] supper invitations after a long day at work

[53] father/daughter camping weekends

"Gratitude is the best attitude."
~ Unknown

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Kathy and Carl said...

I love that quote. And your list is a great way to stay positive during your single parenting week. Sending love!