Friday, August 12, 2011

30 day photo challenge: days 10-12

Day 10 ~ Something I Made

These are the baby blankets I crocheted for my girls when I was pregnant with them. The one of the left is Joelle's and the one on the right is Malia's. One day, my goal is to make them bigger blankets (and now I can make them girlie, instead of gender-neutral!).

I have actually made 21 baby blankets in the past 12 years. Aside from these 2 for my own girls, all 9 of my nieces & nephews have one (and #10 will be along any day now!), 5 were made for my two BFF's kids, and another 5 for the kids from a very special family near and dear to my heart.

Day 11 ~ Something Fun

'Nuff said!

Day 12 ~ Close-Up

(Hands and feet courtesy of Pam and her sweet Baby K)

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Pamela said...

Awesome pics! I've been enjoying your photos too. Our game collection is very similar. Have you played "things in a box"? It will be the next game in our collection.