Wednesday, August 24, 2011

30 day photo challenge: days 20-23

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Day 20 ~ What I Read

This summer, I have re-discovered my love for "fluffy" Christian romance novels set in the 'olden days'. These are great books for taking along to the lake when you get interrupted many times with visiting, kids, etc. Rather than getting engrossed in a suspense/drama book and getting annoyed at the interruptions, these kinds of books are easy to read with lots of stopping and starting. This past weekend's book was "Maid to Match" by Deeanne Gist.

Day 21 ~ Pretty Pattern

This is the newest blanket I am crocheting for my nephew that was born last week. Normally I wouldn't publish a picture of the blanket before giving it to the baby - but since I'm pretty sure my brother & sister-in-law don't read this blog, I thought it would be safe.

Day 22 ~ Trees

Since we live in a fairly new development, there aren't a lot of trees to look at in these parts, which is unfortunate - especially in fall-time when the leaves change colour (although it does mean no raking...the silver lining). So I had to go elsewhere to take this picture.

Day 23 ~ Sunset

I actually prefer my sunrise pictures, since those can be taken out my back door with just a field as the background scenery - but every once in awhile I get a beautiful shot of the sunset out my front door. This picture was taken a long time ago though - a year or two ago in springtime. But it's one of my favorites so I figured I'd rather pull out a real looker from the archives rather than take a not-as-pretty one on the actual date of this particular challenge.

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Jo said...

Love the rolling clouds in the sunset picture! Beautiful!

Kathy and Carl said...

I'm a sucker for beautiful pictures, so I'm really enjoying this photo challenge you are doing!

Anonymous said...

i love the bright knit blanket you're making for oliver!