Wednesday, August 31, 2011

30 day photo challenge: days 27 - 30

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Day 27 ~ After Dark

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago when the moon was full and beautiful!

Day 28 ~ Daily Routine

For the most part, I like my short hair. However, the part I don't like about it is that I can never just quickly put it into a ponytail and's a long ordeal to get it ready for public viewing. First the mousse, then the blow drying, then the putty, then the hair straightener and hairspray. Every. single. day.

Day 29 ~ Purchased

I had a lot I could've chosen to photograph for this day's challenge, as I've been very active on our town's local buy & sell page on Facebook (luckily I've been selling almost as much as buying so it evens out!). But one of my favourite purchases from the site are these like-new black boots! I needed a new pair of boots this fall anyway and it's nice to have a pair without much of a heel so they're comfortable to wear if I'll be doing a lot of in the mall for example. :)

Day 30 ~ In Motion


And thus concludes my 30 Day Photo Challenge. Although as it's set up for the month of August, it seems unfinished to me that there's no Day if you want, leave a suggestion in the comments section as to what picture I should take today to officially close it off!


Jenn said...

Love the boots!
How be day 31 is "favorite"

Amanda said...

- Romance
- Something you love to do
- Behind closed doors

I Love the Boots!

Jo said...

I thought the same thing about 31 days!
Love your pics; great job!!!

pam said...

I too thought it was strange that there was no day 31. I was going to post a picture for today, but then my camera got all wet (luckily it's dried out now and everything still works), and then I just thought, who cares. Just too much work.
Next time a "challenge" like this comes along, I'm going to do it like how you did it (if I participate at all!). It's just too much work to do a post every day - especially a picture every day!

TammyIsBlessed said...

You use a straightening iron? Every day? I did not know that!