Wednesday, August 17, 2011

happy 1000th 950th

So, as it turns out, patience has never been a real strong characteristic of mine. And usually my impatience level doesn't result in anything good for anybody...but today, it does!

You see, for my 1000th post I was going to do something I have never done before on this ol' blog. History was going to be made and YOU were all going to be a part of it. But as I was making plans for this milestone (well in advance)...well, I just couldn't wait till I hit 1000 posts.

So I figured I'd celebrate at 950 posts! No reason why that can't be
just as exciting of a milestone...right? (And even that I was itching to reach - you may have noticed me being a bit more post-happy than usual in the past couple of weeks!)

In honor of this grand occasion, I am hosting my very first blog give-away!
Yup, that's right. It's never been done before on this website. You are all part of history!

So what am I giving away, you might be wondering? Well, I'm glad you asked. But first things first; I need to take care of some logistical business. I'll try to be brief, but sometimes I can be known to be a bit long-winded in my explanations of things! Besides, since this is my first give-away, I want to be sure I've covered all the bases!

#1: Only one entry per person. I'm not making you jump through any ho
ops of doing different tasks to increase your number of entries. You don't have to tweet it, blog about it, or "like" anybody's page in order to enter or get extra entries. You. Are. Welcome.

#2: In fact - further to #1 - not only do you not have to tweet it, blog it, or facebook it...please DO NOT do any of those things. I have two reasons for that. First of all, even though this blog is public and it's possible for anybody and everybody to read it...there are certain people who I wouldn't choose to p
urposefully lead to my blog. And secondly - this give-away isn't meant to be an 'advertisement', so-to-speak, for my blog. The intent is not to gain more readers/followers through this (although I gladly welcome any!), but rather to celebrate my 950th post with the readers who have been with me for part - or all - of the ride thus far; the ones who choose to read it because they want to, and not because they just want to win a prize. So since spreading the word won't get you extra entries, I ask that you respect this guideline and just leave the contest for whoever happens to stumble across it on their own.

#3: You must comment on this specific post in order for your entry to
qualify. (Detailed instructions on how to leave a comment will be outlined at the bottom of this post for those who may be a commenting rookie...ahem...MOM!!)

#4: The winners will be chosen at random. Yes, I said winners - PLURAL!

#5: The contest is open until 10pm on Tuesday, August 30th. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, August 31st by 9am.

#6. You will have 24 hours to contact me with your shipping info (eve
n if you think I have it - you must confirm). Otherwise a new winner will be selected.

#7: Contest is open to Canada and US residents only.

Okay - so that was the list of 'rules.' Wanna see what you have a chance at winning? My friend Kristin makes b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l jewellery. I am purchasing one pair of her earrings to give away to one lucky winner, and Kristin has been so gracious as to donate a second pair to award to another lucky winner. Take a look at these beauties! I actually own a pair of the leaf ones and they are my absolutely FAVORITE earrings (and I'm wearing them today, in fact)! And
the other pair are actually next on my wish list!

If you don't have your ears pierced - or perhaps you're not sure they will suit you (although I'm sure they would!) - they'd make a great gift for someone else! But regardless, pop on over to Jolie Handmade Jewellery on Facebook and check out some of her other creations. If you like what you see, feel free to "Like" her page - but no obligation to in order to participate in the giveaway. Although, she is doing a give-away of her own once her page reaches 100 'likers' (wink, wink!). You can also find her on etsy here.

Now, here's what you have to post in your entry in order to qualify. There are 3 small things that your comment *must* include in order to be eligible for the draws:

#1: Tell me how long have you been a reader of my blog. This doesn't have to be exact by any means; just an estimate. Have you been reading from the get-go (just over 4 years), have you been reading for a year or two, a couple of months...or has it even been just a couple of weeks, or even mere days? The length will not increase or decrease your chances (as the winners will be selected at random), I'm just curious. And please don't hesitate to enter if you have only been around these here parts for even just a couple of days. If you consider yourself a reader of this blog then you count! Even if you have never commented before, don't let that stop you from participating!!

#2: Tell me what is one thing (or more) you have learned about me through this blog.

#3: Ask me one question (or more) that you'd like to know about me (answers will show up in a future post).

And that's it! Oh right - and don't forget to make sure your comment has your name in it!! That is a must in order for your entry to qualify.

So without further ado - go forth and enter to win in this historical giveaway!! Who knows if/when it will happen again!

(ps: Those of you who are local and would be interested in having a jewellery party hosted by the lovely Kristin @ Jolie - let me know and I can hook you up - or feel free to contact her via one of her web pages!)

And last but not least...How to leave a comment if you are not a fellow blogger:

1. At the bottom of this post, you will see the tab "Singin' With Me". Click on that link to bring you to the Comment screen.
2. On the right hand side you will see a box that says at the top, "Leave your comment."
3. Click your mouse in the box and start typing what you want to say.
4. Underneath that box, in orange, it will say "Choose An Identity."
5. Click the circle beside the option "Anonymous."
6. Just make sure your NAME is included in the body of your typed message so that I know who "anonymous" is in case you are the winner!
7. Click on "Publish Comment" and voila! You have successfully commented on this post.

8. See? That wasn't so hard...maybe this will help you get over your fear of commenting and you'll do it more often!

Good luck! And thanks for celebrating this milestone with me!!


pam said...

Ooh fun! I love Kristin's stuff. What a great giveaway!

Okay, here are my answers:
1. I think I've been reading your blog since the beginning (or at least for a very long time!).
2. I've learned so much about you from the blog - your struggle with depression, your addiction to purses, your love of nutella :) (this list could go on and on). It's definitely made me want to get to know you more in real life.
3. Here's my question for you - do you think you'll ever move back to the "city"?

Anonymous said...

I love reading your's so inspiring! Keep it'll reach 1000 posts, no problem.

Pamela said...

I've been reading your blog right from the beginning. The first post I remember reading was when you were working on your garage and I just checked and it was May 12, 2007 and your first post was just a few posts before that. I've learned that you are a very inspiring person. You inspire others with your Faith and your amazing posts with real life application of Biblical principles. You inspire others by the love you show and write about for your girls and your husband. You inspire others in their weight loss journey by your honesty and openness to the struggles and success you've had. My question is: why would you want to move? It always sounds like you live on the most amazing street with cute street lights and great neighbours and I was surprised to see moving on your 101 list.

TammyIsBlessed said...

I've been reading from the beginning of course ;)

Hmm, I didn't know about your love affair with nutella until you posted it here.

Question: If you could have a "do-over" for one choice you made, what would it be? (doesn't necessarily have to be serious)

Jacquie said...

Hi Andrea,

Those earrings are both adorable - I love them!

1. I tried looking back at your archives and I think I've been reading since at least the beginning of 2008, if not maybe earlier.
2. I've learned that you are someone who doesn't give up easily. You try several things & even if they don't work out perfectly, you keep at it, tweaking it, trying again, and persevering through the hiccups. Whether it's chores charts, eating healthier, your relationship with God, etc. etc. It's a very admirable quality! :)
3. What is one of your most memorable or impacting moments in your spiritual journey?

PamJ said...

what a SWEET giveaway.
first off - my name is Pam. just so you know ;)
and I have been reading your blog since the beginning, four years ago!
and I have learned TONNES about you from the blog and IRL, so it's hard to pin point one thing. how about your love of SHOPPING?!@? even if it is clothes swap shoppin ;)
a Q for you: if you could face one of your fears head on which one would it be? [ie. flying]

btw - I have the necklace that goes with those earrings!! and wish I had an unlimited budget to get more of Kristen's goodies :)

Kathy and Carl said...

I'm SO thrilled!! Woohoo giveaways!

1. I have been reading this blog for about 3.5 years and have thoroughly enjoyed it.
2. Hmmmm...what have I learned that I didn't already know from living with you....well, I think your knack for finding deals (clothes for you, the girls, purses, clothing swaps). And that running can be for those who think that can't run!
3. And a question fer ya: Have you ever been stranded with a broken down car? (and maybe another one?) What would be the ultimate trip you could take with Les for an anniversary?

Kathy and Carl said...

Arg!! Forgot to put my name in the last comment! Okay, my name is Kathy and I just wrote the above comment. Does that count still? *fingers crossed*

Rhonda said...

Looks great. I'm always up for a new pair of earrings!

I've been reading your blog since about when you first reached your 70 lb weight loss. Heard about your weight loss on facebook, I think, asked you there how you did it, and you directed me to your blog. Been hooked ever since.

I've learned a lot about you, but one of the things that sticks out in my mind is the nutella thing, and that I'm not the only one with a pepsi addiction, but I've been so impressed that you work so hard to overcome that, and many other obstacles. You've got an amazing perseverance that I admire.

My question for you is, how in the world do you survive without a husband all week long. Doesn't that make you always feel like you deserve a break when he gets back? How do you keep resentment out of the equation, and allow him his own time? Guess that's a few questions, but they all relate, and help with clarification!


Jamie said...

Hi I'm Jamie :)

I couldn't find your blog archive but I started my own blog at the beginning of 2007 so I'm guessing I probably started reading yours sometime near when you started?

I have learned that you are addicted to Pepsi and it makes me feel really good that I'm not alone (I'm just addicted to any pop, but still similar), and I also get inspiration to cut down because you've shown such amazing perseverance to limit yourself with many things you love in order to reach your goals.

Question: Can you pinpoint what made you always want just daughters? I used to always say I would be happy with just boys, but oddly enough never wanted just girls. And I can't really answer why. Wondering if everyone with such preferences is as lost as me as to why they have them!

Samantha Steg said...

I think I've been reading your blog for a couple years now. I remember posting on facebook how much I love reading blogs and you told me about yours. I've been reading ever since.

I think the thing that stands out most about what I've learned about you is that you grew up with a stepfather and how much you love him (and your whole family) It resonated with me because my girls are growing up with a step father and I hope that they have the same love for him as you do yours.

My question deals with moving too. Your list of things to do says you want to move. Would that be to a different house in town, or somewhere completely different? Brent and I are often talking about moving as well (we have completely outgrown this house!) but I'm having trouble with the thought of leaving the actual town (we'd be moving more 'country')

Amanda said...

1. I'm not sure when I started reading your blog, but I've been reading it for a few years now.

2. I've learned a lot about you. For example your struggle with depression and your journey to overcome it.

3. My question for you is How do you survive your weeks without your husband? How do you keep your sanity?


Krista Nicole said...

1. I think I've read from the beginning if not close to the beginning. A long time.

2. I didn't know about your addiction to nutella and I have also learned how deep your addiction to Pepsi is. Which is why I made you a Pepsi cake.

3. Question- Is there one restaurant that you have been to that you would never go back to?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how long I've read your blog, but it's been quite a while. I enjoy following your blog, Andrea, and learning more about my daughter in that way.(Helen).
I did not know about your love for Nutella.
If you could choose your ideal family vacation, what would it be?

Jenn said...

Hi. It's the Jenn next door.

#1. I have been reading your blog since January 2008. I think. It was shortly after we moved here anyways and I was very excited to learn that you had a blog and that you wanted to share it with me. I went back and read from day 1.

#2. That first day I started reading your blog I learned a gazillion things about you and a lot of them could be said the same of me. I knew then and there that we would be fast friends.
a) Your love of "Friends".
b) Your love of the movie Titanic. I think I saw it 6 times in the theatre. I bought two copies on VHS and left one in the plastic thinking it would be worth a fortune one day. HA! Yes I'm a dork
c) You are not a morning person. (ditto)
d) Your love of Boston Pizza. Yum!
e) Your love of board games.
f) Nachos and pepsi. Need I say more!
Aside from leaning those specific things about you I learned that we have tons in common and would become very good friends.

#3. Question. If you could spend the day with any movie star who would it be and what would you do?

jj said...

Well, this is Jen(jj) from the country:)

I think I have been reading your blog for about 3 years. I did go back and read it from the beginning though:)

Through your blog I've learned LOTS about you! Your love of pepsi & nutella (eeeew!), how you LOVE lists & charts, love of shopping and the list could go on & on...aside from the shopping I have learned that we have LOTS in common.

My question for you: What is the most surprising thing you have learned about yourself when having to "single parent it" alone during the week? And just like Rhonda asked...upon the return of your DH, how in the world DO you keep resentment out of the equation and allow him his own time??? (okay that's 2 but I need to know!!)

Leeann said...

So fun!!!! Kristin's stuff is beautiful!!!

1. I have been reading your blog since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Or just over 4 years-ish. :)
2. I have learned about how much we are alike. You have influenced me to post about my own struggles with depression and not to hide behind a facade. You are and will forever be, my Northern Twin. <3
3. Question: I give you $100,000. How would you spend it? No cheating allowed and saving any of it.

Margo said...

Hi Andrea!
I do still read your blog regularly, just hadn't had a chance to think of what I was going to write :P. Thanks for the reminder!
1) - I started reading your blog fairly close to the start of you writing I think, and went back to the beginning of the posts I'd missed.
2) - I think I was surprised to learn about our many similarities ~ struggles, fears...
3) - my question (and maybe challenge) is ~ when are you going to fly?! Since that is a shared fear (might I even call it a phobia?) I feel like it's ok to "confront" the topic. As much as I HATE to fly, it certainly does open up the world. I have flown to 3 different locations (totalling 13 ups and downs!!) in the past 10 months. If I can do it, you definitely can!

Michelle M. said...

1. I think I've been reading your blog from pretty much the beginning.
2. I know alot about you already (since you are my sis:)) but I learned that you are alot braver and more courageous than I thought you ever were. I would never have the guts to write a blog!
3. What would your dream job be?

Erin said...

i have been reading your blog for approx 3 years.
i've learned about your knack of getting great clothes at a great cost!
question for you: what career path do you see your daughters following?

Erin said...

o, my name!- erin

andrea said...

well, i've been reading your blog since you told be about it the first day I think. I love reading your posts. You love seeing your creativity, silliness, hearing stuff from your heart, reflectiveness, have personal pictures with a song/verse/poem....quite touching and inspiration.
I think a question would be: what would you have been doing if you haven't discovered blogging? i find blogging my therapy...curious, how you think you would have spent your time?

LaughingLady said...

I never change my earrings, so I wasn't sure it made sense to enter, but then I decided it would be nice to have some of my Christmas shopping done FOR me! (Ha, wouldn't it be funny if I drew your name for our family Christmas draw??!)

I have also been reading your blog from the very beginning ~ and you inspired me to create my own, which I did, just a few days later!

I don't know if I've learned anything new about you. With us having been cousins virtually all our lives and sisters-in-law for the last dozen or so years, there are few secrets! Well, maybe your determination once you really get your heart set on something is one thing I've learned ~ whether I've learned it from here on the blog or in real life I can't really tell though!!

I can't really think of a question I'd like answered either ~ probably because of the aforementioned "real life" relationship we have! How 'bout this one: if your family were given or won a trip that included flying, how would you handle it? And if you HAD to fly for a vacation, where would you want to go to make it worth the ordeal of flying to get there?!