Saturday, August 13, 2011

she now has experience!

This summer Joelle experienced her first official "job." Her Grade 2 teacher from this past year hired Joelle and another friend from her class to feed and care for her pets while she was away on holidays for a week.

Joelle rose to the occasion with excitement and took her duties very seriously. There were 3 pets to tend to over the course of the week - a fish, a hamster and a gecko. The part that was the most surprising to me was how at ease she was with scooping up live, squiggly worms from a small bucket and giving them to Sammy, the gecko. Sure, she might not have used her fingers, but still...I wasn't even at ease just watching them do it, nevermind having to do it myself!

Malia came along everytime with us to help, and I was proud of the older girls for actually letting her do some of their tasks (albeit, the less 'fun' tasks - but still!).

And when Mrs. A got back from holidays, the girls went over to receive her thanks by way of words, a card...and cash!

And probably the thing I was most proud of about Joelle was that she shared part of her pay with her little sister. Sure, it was on the heels of a quiet suggestion from me - but I re-enforced that it was only a suggestion and she could do what she wanted since it was her money. Without hesitation, she kept the $10 bill and a toonie for herself, and gave the other $3 to her little sister.

What a sweet moment for a Mom to witness!


TammyIsBlessed said...

Great job Joelle!

Kelly said...

Fun! Lyndsy want's a hamster in the worst way. I keep telling her someday. Guess one of these days "someday" actually has to arrive.