Wednesday, September 28, 2011

tiny trees and pea pods

I have friends. Friends who have started up their own businesses. Businesses that I like to promote to help support them.

And how handy when two friends with businesses get together for a special combo deal! Like my friends Pam at Tiny TreeHugger and Kristin at Jolie Handmade Jewellery. You may remember Kristen from my 950th post give-away I did in the summer.

Anyway, so how are they teaming up? Kristin is making these adorable pea pod necklaces - representing the children in your family - and they are exclusive to Tiny TreeHugger. a special kick-off to this new team venture, for a very limited time, you can save $6 on your necklace! This special offer expires at 11:59pm on Friday September 30th so don't delay! (Just use 'jolie' as the coupon discount code)

These make great gifts as well, so nudge the hubby (or just buy one for yourself like I immediately did!), or start thinking of a Mother you know that could be blessed with a beautiful necklace like these!

Head on over here to place your order!

(ps: Kristin is still waiting for her Facebook page to hit 100 likes so she can do a give-away)

1 comment:

TammyIsBlessed said...

I ordered one too, can't wait to get it! ;)

Have you received yours already? I'm assuming not since there was no picture.