Friday, September 16, 2011

writing on the wall napkin

Yesterday I was at the mall for lunch with a non-Christian friend/co-worker of mine on our lunch break. When I got my food before her, I motioned to her that I was going to find us a spot.

So I walked through a bunch of tables until I found the spot I wanted. It was a cozy spot situated between two fake tall plants. So I sat down and waited for my friend to join me. I had noticed a napkin with writing on it laying on the bench close beside me, but I didn't pay it any attention.

About half-way through our lunch, my friend noticed the napkin and asked me what it said. I looked at it and smiled as I read her the message:

"Jesus is life. The rest is just details."

I was wondering what her reaction would be. She looked surprised, then a bit pensive and then she slowly smiled. "Huh. Interesting," she said. "I believe in signs like that."

The conversation didn't go much further than that, but I know it gave her some food-for-thought.

And I was left wondering about the person who left that note-on-a-napkin. If he or she would ever know that the person who found it really needed to hear those words.

As we left the mall to head back to the office, I looked back one more time at the napkin and wondered who the next person would be to find it and read it. And hoped that it would plant a seed in one more person...and another...and another, before getting thrown away.

God can use anyone and anything to spread His message. Even a napkin.


andrea said...

that's such a thoughtful way to spread faith seeds. precious!

LaughingLady said...

And when you think that you being at that food court, in that particular mall on that particular day with that particular friend, looking around for an empty seat... that ALL of that was known from eternity past ~ it makes it even more awe-inspiring that you should just happen to sit at that table with THAT napkin with a person who needs to meet God. Very, VERY cool. Gives me goosebumps!!!

Kathy and Carl said...

That is just great. No coincidences, only amazing encounters, eh?

TammyIsBlessed said...

So awesome! Goosebumps indeed :)